Public Houses & Inn’s

Inns and Public Houses in Abertillery

Pubs and Clubs in Abertillery & District. Glo-Byllau Farm – Cider House. The farm House Old Blaina Road. Welsh translation “Pools Of Coal”. Was known to sell cider in the 1800s. The Roseheyworth Club. Roseheyworth Estate. Constructed in 1962. The Clyn Mawr Hotel. Blaenau Gwent. The Crown Inn. Blaenau Gwent. One of the oldest Inn’s which was also a Farm, ... Read More »

The Clynmawr Hotel – Blaenau Gwent

The Clynmawr Hotel. It is thought the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent was built in 1861, the earliest reports I can find on the Clynmawr Hotel, are from the 1870s, when Mr Edward Thomas and his wife Mary were the Landlord and Landlady. The Clynmawr Hotel (seen lower middle on the map from 1880) was named after the area of Blaenau ... Read More »

The Crown Inn – Blaenau Gwent

The Crown Inn. Mr John and Magdalen Jones. On the 1841 Census Mr John Michael Jones born 1775 at Aberystruth was a Farmer on Clynmawr, he lived in the farm which would become the original Crown Inn with his wife Mrs Magdalen Jones from Cardiganshire and their children, Masters John, Richard, Daniel, Michael John, Anthony and Miss Elizabeth Jones. Mr ... Read More »

The Six Bells Inn

The Old Six Bells Inn. The old Six Bells Inn (as seen circled on the featured image above) was situated close to the old Black Bridge by the side of the main Railway Line where Cwm-Llydrew Home is now. I don’t know the date it was originally built or established though a building at that place was on the 1840 ... Read More »

The Six Bells Hotel

Six Bells Hotel. In August 1892 Mr Phillip Meredith, Landlord of the old Six Bells Inn applied to the General Annual Licensing Meeting to transfer his licence from the old Six Bells Inn to a new premises which was about to be erected upon the new road. This new Inn or Hotel was to be known as the Six Bells ... Read More »

The Coach and Horses Inn – Six Bells

Coronation Tavern. The Coach and Horses Inn, Six Bells was originally called the Coronation Tavern and was established around 1835, maybe earlier and was situated close to the old Tram Road later Railway line (as seen on the land map of 1840 left) close to where the subway is today. It was called the Coronation Tavern on the 1840 Land ... Read More »

The White Horse Inn – Cwmtillery

The White Horse Inn – Cwmtillery. The White Horse Inn was one of the oldest Inns in Abertillery and was situated on Club Row, Cwmtillery, where White Horse Court housing Complex is today. Both Club Row and the White Horse Inn was built on leasehold December 21st 1842.  In the 1840s Mr Daniel Jones was the Landlord. During the 1860s ... Read More »

The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery

The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery. The history of the Ivorites Inn, Castle Street, Abertillery is a little unclear. I am not sure when the Ivorites Inn, Abertillery was established (more research is needed) though it was mentioned in a report from 1869, the Landlord at that time was Mr John Griffiths, it stated the Ivorites Arms, Abertillery. I ... Read More »

Old Penybont Road – Penybont Cwmtillery

Old Penybont Road – Penybont Cwmtillery. An image of Old Penybont Road taken from the New Bridge End Hotel, Cwmtillery. In very early reports on this area Old Penybont Road was known as Railway Terrace. The cottages have been renumbered over the years but the information below is from the latter half of the 1890s In the centre of the ... Read More »

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