Powell’s Tillery Institute

Powell’s Tillery Miner’s Institute – A History

The First Reading Rooms at Abertillery in 1856. Long before Mr T. W. Powell came to the valley education was at the forefront of the long term planning for the towns workforce by the Industrialists. Sir Thomas Phillips was born near Brynmawr, he became the Mayor of Newport and was caught up in the battle at the Westgate Hotel, Newport ... Read More »

Powell’s Tillery Institute Gymnastics Teams

Powell’s Tillery Institute Gymnastics Teams On Wednesday March 1903 the first Gymnastics display took place at the Institute by members of the Powell’s Tillery Collieries Gymnastic Class at the Gymnasium Hall. Dr Powell of Guildford Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tillery Company was on the platform supported by Mr and Mrs Stewart J.P. The Gymnastics team were ... Read More »

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