Pubs and Clubs in Abertillery

Pubs and Clubs in Abertillery & District.
Glo-Byllau Farm – Cider House.
The Farm House Old Blaina Road. Welsh translation “Pools Of Coal”.
Was known to sell cider in the 1800’s.

The Roseheyworth Club.
Roseheyworth Estate.
Constructed in 1962.

The Clyn Mawr Hotel.
Blaenau Gwent.

The Crown Inn.
Blaenau Gwent.
One of the oldest Inn’s which was also a farm, on the 1841 maps. Rebuilt in a different place in 1904.

The Royal Exchange.
Blaenau Gwent.

The Blaenau Gwent Workmens Club.
Blaenau Gwent.
Lewis Street/Gaen Street. Later turned into the fitness centre.

The Mount Pleasant Inn.
Blaenau Gwent.

The Britannia Inn (Old Maids).       

The Old Bridge End Inn.
Old Penybont Rd.
Located just 3 doors away from the Old Maids Inn.

The New Bridge End Inn.
Penybont Rd.

The Rising Sun Inn.
Cock n Chick.

The Cwmtillery Workmens Club.
Gwern Berthi Rd.
Later turned into the Paradise Club.

The South Wales Inn.
High Street Cwmtillery.
Situated just inside the Cwmtillery Colliery entrance grounds, later rebuilt up on Ty-dan-y-wal road.

The Top Hat Club.
Officially known as the Cwmtillery Excelsiors Club, Cwmtillery.

The Celtic Club.

The Blaentillery Club.

The Woodland Inn.

The White Horse Inn.

The Fountain Inn.

The Penybont Workmens Club.
Penybont Rd.
Locally known as the Diamond Club.

The Cwmtillery Welfare Club.
Tillery St. Tyleri Court was later built upon the site of the club.

The Highbury Club.
Alma St/Gladstone Street junction.

Ty Panau.
Park Place.
Was a Pub/Inn at one time in its 600 year history but don’t know what it was called when it was a licensed premises?

The Yew Tree Social Club.
Alma St.

The Kings Head.
Glandwr/Oak St,
Was built on the main tramroad from Newport to Nantyglo, when Oak Street was constructed the landlady asked for permission to move her premises up onto the new street. Her application was denied owing to the fact that it would be too close to the new Intermediate School and a bad influence on the pupils who would have to walk past there every day.

The Oak Street Club.
Oak St.
Originally Buckley’s Temperance Hall.

The Station Hotel.
The Rugby Club.
Rebuilt in the same place.

The Lymes Club.
Station Hill.
Later rebuilt as the New Lymes in a different place down in Carlyle Street/Bridge Street.

Ralphs Club.
Station Hill.

The Railway Inn.
Bridge St.

The Odd Fellows Arms.
Station Approach.
Located where the Fire Station is Today. One of the oldest Inn’s, was on the 1841 maps. It was also used as a Magistrates Court.

Abertillery Arms.
Chapel Street.
Featured in a report from 1860.

The Bush Hotel.
High St.
One of the oldest Inn’s, had a lease in 1731 and was on the 1841 maps.
Later rebuilt in the same place.

The Globe Hotel.
High St.
Originally on the “Gateway into Abertillery” but later rebuilt in the same place, only 3 feet back from the road to make the access into Abertillery wider.

The Royal Oak.
High St.
Later to become the Blaenau Gwent R.F.C.

The Tillery Non Political Club.
High St.

The Prince of Wales.
High St.
Rebuilt in the same place.

The Rolling Mill.
Church St.
Rebuilt in the same place in 1904.

The High Street Social Club.
High St.

The Colliers Arms.
High St.

The Lamb Inn.
High St.

The Mitre Inn.
Mitre St.

The British Legion Club.
Mitre St.
Originally the D.S.S.C. Club.

The Commercial.
Market St.

The Glasgow Club.
Market St.
Originally a shopping and retail building called Glasgow House.

The George Inn.
Market St.

The Bottom Bell & Bell Tap.
Somerset St.
The same building but with entrances in Market Street and Somerset street – Top & Bottom.

The Somerset.
Somerset St.

The Sports Club.
Carmel St. Later renamed the Garw.

The Castle Inn.
Castle St.

The Golden Lion.
Castle St.
One of the oldest pubs, built on Railway Parade, later changed to Castle Street. Later became the Dagmar.

The Forge Hammer Inn.
Hill St.
Owned by Webbs and closed along with the Ivorites in Vivian Street in 1901 to open the Cwm Hotel. Webbs wasn’t allowed by the courts to have 3 pubs in such a small area.

The Ivorites Inn.
Vivian St.
Owned by Webbs and closed along with the Forge Hammer Inn at Hill Street in 1901 to open the Cwm Hotel. Webbs wasn’t allowed by the courts to have 3 pubs in such a small area.

The Officers Club.
Somerset St.

The Old Tylerian’s Club.
Somerset St.
A late pub, the Old Tylerians held there meetings in various places in Abertillery until they acquired this building in 1947. Upstairs accessed by the fire escape was the Preece’s Billiards Hall. Later renamed the Corner Club.

The Cwm Hotel.
Cwm St.
Later turned into the Council Offices.

The Six Bells Club.
Alexandra Rd.
Later turned into the Vivian.

The Coronation Tavern.
Six Bells.
One of the oldest Inn’s, was on the 1841 maps. Situated close to the Tramway from Newport to Nantyglo.  Renamed the Coach & Horses sometime between 1841 and 1855. During the widening of the railway in the 1870s it was demolished and later re-sited closer to the river.

The Arrail Street Club.
Arrail St.
The club was originally built as the Six Bells Miners Institute under the Messrs J. Lancaster Co.

The Six Bells Inn.
Victoria Rd.
Originally located on the railway lines but rebuilt as the Six Bells Hotel in the 1890’s where it is now.

The Waterloo Inn.
Llandavel Village Cwm.
The Waterloo Inn was in Llandavel Village part of Abertillery until 1892.


Modern build clubs/pubs etc.

The Imperial Snooker Club – Carmel St.

The Bear – Carmel St.

Wetherspoons – Somerset St.


Pubs/Clubs/Hotels known to exist but no locations.
The Good Fellows.
The Goodfellows were in the Webb’s Southern Darts League in the 1930s.

The Firemans Arms.
In old news reports of the 1850s.

Pubs/Clubs/Hotels that were planned but withdrawn from licensing.
The Park Hotel.
Glandwr St.
Planning application to be built by Dolly Protheroe’s Shop in Glandwr Street 1904. The application was refused 4 times and withdrawn. Application denied by the courts owing to objections from the Kings Head, and The Clyn Mawr Hotel.

The Pioneer Hotel.
Glandwr Street Carlyle St.
Planning application to be built at the top of Carlyle Street/bottom of Glandwr Street on the right hand side. Application denied by the courts owing to objections from the Kings Head, and The Clyn Mawr Hotel.

The New Mount Pleasant Inn.
Bottom of Wallaces Lane.
Application withdrawn for no apparent reason.

Not named?
Hammonds old Shop Glynmawr St. Originally build for a pub by the landlady of the Royal Oak and Webbs Brewery, but the licence was not issued to the landlady Mrs Evans.


Aberbeeg and Llanhilleth area.
The Bridge Inn.
Situated at Aberbeeg between the Mill and the Little House Cottage. It was on the 1861 Census and owned by Mr John and Mary Evans. Mr Evans was registered as the Innkeeper and Farmer of 20 acres.

The Hanbury Arms – Hotel.
Built in 1830.

The Walpole Arms – Hotel.
Built in 1896.

Llanhilleth Conservative & Unionist Club.
Built in 1911.

The Central Hotel.
Built in 1905.

The Llanhilleth Hotel – Top Hotel.
Built in 1891.

The Hillside Club.
No details as yet.

The Llanhilleth Workmen’s Club & Institute.
Situated on the Horseshoe Bend, Llanhilleth and was opened in December 1922 struck off the register in June 1928.

The Carpenters Arms.
Situated at the back of the St Illtyds Church.

The Castle Inn.
Situated a few yards away from the Carpenters Arms.

The Travellers Rest.
Situated on the top of Brynithel mountain slightly east of Ty Dafydd and Gilfach Wen farms.

An Extract from the Weekly Mail Newspaper, February 8th 1908

Inspector Lewis, Abertillery, reported that the population of that district was 30,431 and there were 77 licensed houses, or one to 422 people,  exclusive of grocers’ licences. Nine licence- holders had been proceeded against, and 138 persons had been proceeded against for drunkenness. In some reports Abertillery was linked to Blaina for the annual licensing reports though it was stated that the population of both areas were 55,000.   
Compiled from Official Documentation, Aberystruth History Files, Abertillery Court Documents, 1888-1938, Council Licensing Documents 1888-1938 and Newspaper Archives 1800-1920.
This is an ongoing list and more than probably more places will be found.

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