The Liberal Club Abertillery – The Beginning

The Liberal Club Abertillery – The Beginning

The Liberal & Labour Club Abertillery – The Central Snooker Club.
A very early image of the Philharmonic Society Building, later to become the Liberal Club, Abertillery. The photograph of the Philharmonic building (as seen in the centre of the featured image above) was taken in about 1896.

In the late 1880s a Philharmonic Club was established in the bottom part of Tillery Street, Abertillery (as seen in the centre of the featured image above) and entertained many venues in the town throughout the 1890s. РThe Caretaker was Mr Gulliford. In a report from 1890 the band played at the Primitive Methodists concert and the orchestra consisted of the following members, Violin РMr J. Collier;  2nd Violin РMr C. Short and Mr T. Collier; Clarionette РMr A. Short; 2nd Clarionette РMr T. Thomas; Horn РMr E. Winstone; Trombone РMr J. G. Cordy; Piano РMr W. Preece and Bass РMr T. Preece:

In 1896-97 the Philharmonic Club were in the Billiards League of Abertillery and also advertising for members. Here is a list of the Philharmonic Club Billiard players from 1898 – Mr J. Yorath (Captain); Mr J. Harris; Mr H. Pike; Mr J. Fear; Mr J. Morgan; Mr A. Way; Mr R. Stanfield; Mr W. Hancock; Mr E. Sutton; Mr T. Dibbins; Mr W. Powell; Mr J. Dix; Mr S. Robbins; Mr F. Adams; Mr G. Turner; Mr A. Gregory; Mr A. Bundred; Mr D. Bundred; Mr C. Cridland; Mr R. Price; Mr W. Price; Mr J. Vincent; Mr J. Welsh; Mr W. Thomas; Mr J. Corbett; Mr W. McNeil; Mr G. Thorne; Mr J. Adams; Mr E. Richardson and Mr W. Samuel:

The Philharmonic Club didn’t seem to last long, as in February 1902 they sold their premises at auction and the Liberal Political Association of Abertillery who had been looking to establish a political club in the area purchased the building along with the effects, chairs, tables, music stands, benches, a couple of Billiard tables (one full size and one half size) and other bits and pieces, this became the new Abertillery Liberal & Labour Club and Institute.

Points of interest – The featured image shows the area at the top of Church Street, Abertillery. At the (bottom left) is the original St Michaels Church. Behind the Church is the Chimney stack of the Warwill’s Foundry and the valley leading to Cwmtillery. The Philharmonic Society building¬† is in the centre of the the image. Tillery Street (originally Wesleyan Road) is (top right) and the Trinity Chapel is (middle right) and Church Street down through the middle.

Clarionette is an old instrument similar to a Clarinet, also a variation of its spelling.

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