A Chain Load Binder

A Chain Load Binder.
This is what was known as a chain load binder. Also known as a toggle-binder.

Made from high tensile steel and iron. Size – The handle mechanism is 18″ inches and the chain is 15′ feet long.

This type of binder was also called a “Toggle Binder” in Rose Heyworth Colliery, different names were given to them in other collieries? These binders were used to hold big awkward objects onto trolley’s and drams on the journey. You would wrap the binder around the trolley and the object, open the mechanism, feed the chain through the hook and pull the handle shut to tension the load. Again always keep your thumb tucked in when snapping shut the tension bar. You always had a few of these on the journey.

I have two of these load binders in my collection.

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