Arael Six Bells Levels

Six Bells Balance Pit

Six Bells Balance Pit. This Water Balance Pit (circled on the map) was situated between the River Ebbw and the Railway Lines opposite where Six Bells Colliery would later sited. I cannot find details of the colliery but will keep searching. The image shows the Balance pit (far right) after it closed. (Information to come). Read More »

Gilfach Level

Gilfach Level. This level was more than probably originally worked for the Gilfach Farm personal use. The colliery is featured on the 1843 map of the coalfield as being in production and has a tramway to the main railway in Six Bells. In 1908 it was listed as being owned by Mr E. Davies of Gilfach Farm, Six Bells and ... Read More »

Hafod Van Level

Hafod Van Level. This level was situated close to the railway on where Browns Corner is now. It was one of the oldest levels in Six Bells and was supposedly owned by Mr Thomas Phillips Price in 1869, as with the Durban Level, I don’t know if it was Messrs T. P. Price as in Thomas Protheroe Price? (More research ... Read More »

Craig-yr-Aral Level & The Gas Works Level

Craig-yr-Aral Level. This level was situated on the side of the Arael Mountain opposite where the Tesco Supermarket is today. In 1849 it was reported that a company from Brecon had leased the land off the Hanbury Estate and had sent in a team of engineers to open a trial level and test the coal seam. Surveyors said there were ... Read More »

Arael Farm Level

Arael Farm Level. This small scale level was situated on the top of the Arael Mountain slightly North of the Arael Farm (as seen circled on the map above). In 1908 it was listed as being owned by the Farmer Mr Edward Nicholas & Son and employed just 1 man. Mr Edward Nicholas was a farmer from Ynysduu and settled ... Read More »

Arrail Level

Arrail Level. Situated on the Western side of the Valley (as seen circled on the map) between Aberbeeg and Six Bells. In 1863 the partnership of Messrs Latch and Cope leased a portion of land in the Six Bells valley from Messrs Capel Hanbury Leigh and opened the Arrail Colliery. On early documentation it was spelt Arall Colliery. Mr Joseph ... Read More »

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