The Old Tyleryans Association

The Old Tyleryans Association. The Old Tyleryans Association was formed in February 1901. It began as an association to keep a bond of union amongst the old pupils of the Intermediate School, County School. Mr W. D. Lewis Evans (Headmaster) was the President, Miss Tongue of Blaina as Treasurer and Mr A. W. Box of Oak Street, Abertillery, was Honorary ... Read More »

Mr W. D. Lewis Evans – Headmaster of the Intermediate County School Abertillery

Mr W. D. Lewis Evans. Mr W. D. Lewis Evans was born in 1871 at Cardiganshire, the son of John and Martha Evans. He was educated at Conwil Cayo Elementary School, Llansawel Grammar School and Ardwyn Secondary School at Aberystwyth. Mr Lewis Evans then proceeded to University College of Aberystwyth. He had a distinguished University career, obtaining his B.A., (London), ... Read More »

N.C.B. Toilet Roll

N.C.B. Toilet Roll. N.C.B. Toilet Roll manufactured for the National Coal Board to be used in their colliery Pit Head Baths. Made from thin Brown Paper. Size 4 1/2″ x 3″ inches. The roll has been scored in a zig-zag pattern along its width for tearing at every 6″ inches and the words “National Coal Board” is printed with Black ... Read More »

Colliery Lock-Out Key – Lock Out Box

Colliery Lock-Out Key – Lock Out Box. Colliery Lock-Out Key – Lock Out Box. Made by Stedfast Electrical Controls Ltd. Type S-2. Made from Cast Iron, Plastic and Brass. Size 8″ x 5″ x 5″ inches. Date 1970s. Commonly known as Lock-Out Boxes. These Lock-Out Boxes were bolted to the framework of conveyor belts (about fifty yards apart) and Panzer ... Read More »

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