A Beer Barrel Bung Collar and a Beer Barrel Tap

Beer Barrel Hardware. A Beer Barrel Bung Collar and a Beer Barrel Tap. The Bung Collar. The bung collar is externally threaded and was screwed into a hole in the bilge at the side-middle of the beer barrel. It was used for access into the barrel for filling and cleaning. After a cleaning, the barrel would be re-filled and sealed ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths. The Official Opening. On Saturday 4th of November 1933, the Marine Colliery Pithead Baths were officially opened. The opening ceremony was presided over by Sir John Beynon Bart C.B.E., the chairman of the directors of the Ebbw Vale Company with Sir J. Lowes Dickinson and Mr E. J. Gay the manager of the colliery and ... Read More »


A Side……. Sorrow About To Fall. B Side……. Endless Lies. Label/No……. Epic EN-5980. Pressed in ……. South Africa Notes……. This pressing has the same “B” side Endless Lies as that of the South African single pressing of So Serious Epic 5927. Read More »

The New Road to Blaina – Rose Heyworth Road

The New Road to Blaina – Rose Heyworth Road. Originally the main road to Blaina from Abertillery was the Old Blaina Road, the road began at Bridge Street, Abertillery, it went northwards along the base of the Arael Mountain on the western side of the river to the Tilers Arms, Blaina. On this route was a right-of-way at Glo-Byllau Farm ... Read More »

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