A Knocky-Up Board

A Knocky-Up Board. This iron framed slate board is from the North Eastern coalfields and widely used down as far as the Midlands. These wrought-iron and slate boards were screwed onto the front of the miners houses upon which the occupants would chalk the time they wanted to get up in the morning, a “knocker-upper” employed by the company would ... Read More »

A Beltman’s Knife

A Beltman’s Knife. This type of knife was used by the conveyor belt fitters, to cut the conveyor belt when lengthening the belts or repairing joints etc.  Made from Sheffield Steel. Size – Folded 5″ inches. Unfolded 8 1/2″ inches.  Read More »

The Bush Hotel – Nantyglo

The Bush Hotel – Nantyglo. The first known report of the Bush Inn, Nantyglo was printed in the Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon Gazette and Merthyr Guardian 25th May 1833. Mr Robins of the Bush Inn Nantyglo was taking bookings for emigration to the United States by sailing ship. Mr George Robins. The 1841 census shows Mr George Robins was landlord ... Read More »

Messrs J. Hepworth and Son

Messrs J. Hepworth and Son. Mr Joseph Hepworth was born in 1834 at Lindley, Huddersfield, England. In 1855 Mr Joseph Hepworth married Miss Sarah Rhodes, they had three sons and four daughters. In 1864 Mr Hepworth went into partnership with Mr James Rhodes, his wife’s brother. They began a business of making gentlemen’s three-piece-suits and based themselves in Leeds, England. ... Read More »

A Colliery Pithead Baths Locker Door

A Colliery Pithead Baths Locker Door. As the collieries various pithead baths were constructed, between the early 1930’s and early 1950’s lockers were incorporated for miners to keep their clothes safe. There were on average 1,000 lockers or more depending on the size of the workforce – 500 clean and 500 dirty lockers, each miner would have one of each ... Read More »

Brynmawr In The Snow – Circa 1885-1890

Brynmawr In The Snow – Circa 1885-1890. This is a very old sepia photograph of Brynmawr taken about 1885-1890, it shows what would become Market Square and was taken before the Market Hall was constructed. The size of the card is 7″ x 10″ inches – The photograph size is 6″ x 4″ inches. The Official Opening of the New ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery Disaster – 1st March 1927

The Marine Colliery Disaster. The Marine Colliery, Cwm, Ebbw Vale was owned by the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Company Limited. The colliery had two shafts each about 400 yards deep 18′ feet in diameter. No.1 up-cast pit working the Old Coal Vein. No.2 down-cast pit working the Elled Big Vein and Three Quarter coal seams. The general manager ... Read More »

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