Arrowhead Money

Arrowhead Money. These arrowheads were made and used specifically as a form of currency and were very often mistaken for arrowheads. Made from bronze. Size 1 1/2″ inches.  Date unknown. Read More »

An Archers Thumb Ring

An Archers Thumb Ring. Made from bronze. Size 1″ x 1 1/2″ inches. Dated 12th – 14th century AD.  Mainland European and some far Eastern archers always used their thumb to pull back the bow string. These thumb rings were designed to protect the inside of the thumb while drawing the bow string back. English and Welsh archers used their ... Read More »

A Roman War Hammer

A Roman War Hammer. This war hammer is from ancient Roman Empire, designed to be strapped and rivetted to the end of a long wooden handle and used in battle.  Made of iron. Size 5″ x 2″ inches. Dated 100 BC – 500 AD.  This war hammer head has a makers mark stamped into it. It is illegible as it’s ... Read More »

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