Alexandra Skating Rink – Six Bells

The Alexandra Buildings Skating Rink and Cinema. The Alexandra Buildings (as seen in the middle of the main featured image above) was constructed by Messrs Skidmore and McWhirter in the early 1900s on the south side of Alexandra Road, between the road and the back lane at Six Bells.    Messrs Skidmore & McWhirter. Mr Edward Skidmore and Mr Peter ... Read More »

Cwmtillery West Side Social and Sports Club

Cwmtillery West Side Social and Sports Club. The Cwmtillery West Side Social and Sports Club (as seen circled on the map in the featured image above) was, I believe, a wooden structure built on West Bank between Doctors Lane and the Methodist Church, Cwmtillery about 400 feet north of Winifred Terrace on Ty-Dan-y-Wal. It was funded by the Social Services ... Read More »

An Early History of the Choirs and Choral Unions – Abertillery

An Early History of the Choirs and Choral Unions – Abertillery. From the mid 19th century, Abertillery, like many other towns has had organised choirs, mostly junior parties in connection with religious activities within the Church and other small societies. Later various senior Male Voice Choirs appeared and since there has been many singing parties based in and around Abertillery ... Read More »

New Market Hall – Brynmawr

Market Hall – Brynmawr – The Early History. A Market House for Brynmawr was first mentioned in a newspaper report (as seen left) featured in Glamorgan Monmouth and Brecon Gazette on the 28th September 1839. It stated that a large meeting of the inhabitants of Brynmawr was held at the Prince of Wales Inn on Monday 16th September 1839. It ... Read More »

Abertillery Operatic Society – The Formation

Abertillery Operatic Society. The Abertillery Operatic Society was formed on Wednesday 6th December 1916 after a meeting held in the Church School, Abertillery. The meeting voted Dr Gordon Bennett to become the President along with a number of prominent ladies and gentlemen to be Vice-Presidents. Mr M. E. Thomas was Chairman; Mr J. R. Powell as Vice Chairman; Mr Edgar ... Read More »

The Kino Cinema

The Kino Cinema. The Kino Cinema in Six Bells, Abertillery, opened in 1913. It was located in the Alexandra Buildings down behind Alexandra Road in the old Alexandra Skating Rink building originally constructed by Messrs Skidmore and McWhirter of Six Bells. The Skating Rink closed in about 1911 and in 1912 the old Skating Rink building was planned to be ... Read More »

The Market Hall – The Metropole Theatre

The Market Hall – The Metropole Theatre. I don’t know when the original Hall was constructed though I have seen it listed as a venue as early as the early 1880s. It was featured on old maps but I have never seen or heard of any images, etching of the building. In January 1885 a company was set up to ... Read More »

Circus Entertainment in the Valley

Circus Entertainment in the Valley. In 1859 Sangers Circus came to Brynmawr, the earliest known visit to the valley’s by a circus. Mr A. Frost. In May 1889 Mr A Frost, a circus acrobat announced that he would go 1,000 feet up in the air over Blaina hanging onto the tail of a balloon, then would attempt to fall to ... Read More »

Portable Travelling Theatres at Abertillery

Portable Travelling Theatres at Abertillery. In the late 1880s early 1890s many towns were visited by Portable Travelling Theatre Companies. It must have been quite a site seeing these travelling companies rolling into town, the logistics of it must have been something to be admired. The theatres were in a sort of kit-form, with timber and canvas walls, joists, roof ... Read More »

The Picture Palace

The Picture Palace. The Picture Palace Abertillery. Situated at the junction of King Street and Carmel Street Abertillery. In May 1911 a company called The Building and Equipment Corporation Ltd  produced plans for a new picture palace which was to be built in Abertillery, the plans were presented to the Council by Mr H. D. Blessley. On Monday 30th November ... Read More »

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