Local Glass and Stoneware Bottles

Saxon & Co, Brynmawr – Stoneware Bottle

Saxon & Co, Brynmawr – Stoneware Bottle. Saxon & Co Botanical Brewers of Brynmawr, proprietor Mr John Keysell. This bottle is made of stoneware with an internal screw stopper top. Size 11″ x 5″ inches. (More information on the company to be uploaded). Read More »

Saxon & Co, Chapel Road, Brynmawr – Glass Bottle

Saxon & Co – Chapel Street, Brynmawr – Glass Bottle. This bottle is made of glass with an internal screw stopper top. It has the company name of Saxon & Co, Chapel Street, Brynmawr embossed on the front of the bottle and Saxon & Co embossed on the bottom of the bottle. Size 8″ x 2 1/2″ inches. Read More »

Mr William Gillman, Aberbeeg – Stoneware Bottle

Mr William Gillman. Mr William Gillman of Aberbeeg, stoneware bottle.¬† Made from stoneware. Size 6 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ inches. Mr William Gillman. Mr Gillman was born in 1867 at Aberbeeg. On the 1881 census Mr Gillman, was an apprentice cellar man, living with his mother and step-father Joseph and Hannah Clark at Woodland Terrace, Aberbeeg. In 1889 he married ... Read More »

E. M. Jones – Abertillery

E. M. Jones – Abertillery. Made from glass. Size 8″ x 2 and 1/2″ inches. Miss E. M. Jones. E. M. Jones was Miss Elizabeth Morgan Jones, of 8 Market Street, Abertillery, an off-license and a wine and spirit merchant. Also an agent for the Anglo Bavarian and Rogers A.K. Ales, Oakhill, Whitbread, Inde Coope, Burton Ales and W & ... Read More »

J. H. Lewis – Botanical Brewer

J. H. Lewis – Botanical Brewer. Made from stoneware. Size 10″ x 5″ inches. Mr J. H. Lewis. J. H. Lewis was Mr Jacob Henry Lewis, born in 1870 at Ebbw Vale. Mr Lewis was a Botanical Brewer based at Willowtown Botanical Brewery, living at 22 Saron Road, Ebbw Vale. Mr Lewis traded from Abertillery and Ebbw Vale. Read More »

Mr Edwin Price – Chemist

Mr Edwin Price Chemist. Made from glass. Size 5″ x 3″ x 1″ inches. Mr Edwin Price. Mr Edwin Price was a chemist and wine & spirit merchant and off-licence of 4 Commercial Street, 4 Carmel Street and Somerset Street, Abertillery. Mr Edwin Price was born in 1843 at Coventry, he came to Abertillery in 1889 and opened the town’s ... Read More »

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