General History

The New Road to Blaina – Rose Heyworth Road

The New Road to Blaina – Rose Heyworth Road. Originally the main road to Blaina from Abertillery was the Old Blaina Road, the road began at Bridge Street, Abertillery, it went northwards along the base of the Arael Mountain on the western side of the river to the Tilers Arms, Blaina. On this route was a right-of-way at Glo-Byllau Farm ... Read More »

A Handbook of Railway Stations

A Handbook of Railway Stations. This is an official handbook of railway stations in Great Britain and Ireland. It lists Station Accommodation, including Crane Power, Junctions, Sidings, Collieries and Works etc with County Region, the Executive or Company and Position. Pages – 494 pages. Published in 1956 by the British Transport Commission, Railway Clearing House, 203 Eversholt Street, London NW1. ... Read More »

A Victorian Penny Lick

A Victorian Penny Lick. These penny lick glasses were an early form of cone handed out by the street cart ice-cream vendors. After the ice-cream was licked from the glass, the vendor would dip the penny-lick into a small basin of water ready for the next customer to use. Made from glass. Size – These solid glass licks were small ... Read More »

The Abertillery Land Investment Company – Mr Edward Oxenford Preston Esq

The Abertillery Land Investment Company. In 1892 Mr Edward Oxenford Preston and Co of No.4 Tokenhouse Buildings, Bank of England, London formed the Abertillery Land Investment Company Limited, with others. The company (as seen in the advertisement left) was formed to acquire property, building sites, land and to build houses and cottages in colliery and industrial town districts. Mr Edward ... Read More »

Mr Moses Adams – Abertillery Contractor and Builder – Illuminated Address

Mr Moses Adams Illuminated Address. This large, illuminated address was presented to Mr Moses Adams upon the occasion of the family leaving Abertillery to reside at Waun Fawr House, Risca, Monmouthshire. Size 31 1/2″ x 25 1/2″ inches. Moses Adams Illuminated Address Presentation. On Monday 8th of May 1911, a presentation meeting and public tea was held at the Newall ... Read More »

Mr Samuel Nathan Jones J.P., O.B.E.

Mr Samuel Nathan Jones J.P., O.B.E. Mr Samuel Nathan Jones was born on 3rd July 1850 at Pond House, Abertillery. His parents were Mr Edward Jones and Jane Jones nee Hughes. Mr and Mrs Hughes were the first postmaster and postmistress of Abertillery, their post office was at the railway platform connected with Pond House opposite the Abertillery Tin Works, ... Read More »

Rose Heyworth Housing Estate – A Brief History

Rose Heyworth Housing Estate. In the mid 1940’s the council were under pressure to provide housing in the district and plans were put forth with the approval of the Welsh Board of Health to build a housing estate on the eastern side of the valley (as seen in the main featured image above) north of Clyn Mawr and the cottages ... Read More »

Blaina Industrial and Provident Society Limited, Share, Capital Interest, Dividend and Withdrawals Account Book 1920

Blaina Industrial and Provident Society Limited, Share, Capital Interest, Dividend and Withdrawals Account Book 1920. This account shares booklet from the Blaina Industrial and Provident Society Limited in connection with the Crosskeys branch of the society belonged to Mrs Mary Elizabeth Rawlings of Park Street, Crosskeys. Member number 597. The account in the name of Mrs Rawlings in this book ... Read More »

King George V and Queen Mary – Coronation Medal

The Coronation of King George V. On Thursday 22nd of June 1911, King George V and his Consort Queen Mary were crowned at Westminster Abbey. The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Davidson and the Archbishop of York Dr Lang assisted by bishops and clergy, officiated at the service. On a local level, preparations had been made for celebrating the event. Abertillery. ... Read More »

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