Nantyglo & Blaina

Mr Frederick Kiff – Aerated Water Manufacturer, Nantyglo

Mr F. Kiff – Aerated Mineral Water Bottle – Nantyglo. A Frederick Kiff, Green glass Aerated Mineral Water Bottle. Made from Glass. Size 9″ x 2 1/2″ inches. This type of bottle is known as a Bullet Top Stopper and dated to 1890. Mr Frederick Kiff – Aerated Mineral Water Manufacturer of Nantyglo. Mr Frederick Kiff was born in 1861 at ... Read More »

Blaina and District Hospital

Blaina and District Cottage Hospital. On Thursday 26th December 1889 a meeting of the Nantyglo and Blaina Local Board took place. Those present were as follows – Mr Thomas Morgan, presided in the absence of Mr John Dakers (Chairman); Mr E. Harris; Mr J. Bainton; Mr J. Allen; Mr Rosser Rosser; Mr W. Parry (Grocer); Mr G. R. Harris; Mr ... Read More »

Messrs Cruttwell, Allies & Co – Cwm Celyn and Blaina Works 1853

Cruttwell and Allies & Co – Cwm Celyn and Blaina Iron Works. A Letter Envelope dated February 1853, to Messrs Cruttwell, Allies & Co, Cwm Celyn and Blaina Works, near Newport, Monmouthshire. Folded size – 5″ x 3″ inches. In the 1850s Mr Frederick Levick was in partnership with Mr George Shaw Munn; Mr Robert Cruttwell; Mr Robert Allies; Mr ... Read More »

Nantyglo and Blaina Hospital for Infectious Diseases

Nantyglo and Blaina Hospital for Infectious Diseases. Epidemics. Throughout time many epidemics had broken out in England and Wales. Since records began in the 1600s they were mainly confined to large cities and spread through the populous areas with poor sanitary conditions and inadequate supplies of drinking water. Though as the population grew and expanded (mostly in primitive conditions) to ... Read More »

The Reading Institute – Blaina

The Blaina Instruction Society. In January 1846 a British and Foreign School was built at the Blaina and Cwmcelyn Iron Works (as seen in the clipping left) to educate the children of the many Iron Workers and was established through the persistence of Mr Frederick Levick, Ironmaster of the Blaina and Cwmcelyn Iron Works. In March 1848 it was reported ... Read More »

William Williams & Co Company Token – Nantyglo Iron Works 1811

William Williams & Co – Nantyglo Iron Works 1811. Mr William Williams was partner with Mr Matthew Wayne and Mr Joseph Bailey Esq at Nantyglo Iron Works in the early 1800s. Their partnership was known as William Williams & Co and was a Company Shop business when the Nantyglo Ironworks were in its infancy. Their partnership was dissolved in 1813.  ... Read More »

Blaina House – Cwmcelyn, Blaina

Blaina House – Cwmcelyn, Blaina. Blaina House along with a few other houses and the Blaina Inn belonged to and was part of the Blaina Estate. The Estate was all part of the Blaina Iron Works. I don’t know the exact date Blaina House was constructed though it was on the 1840 Tithe Map (as seen left) The block of ... Read More »

Blaina Iron Works – A Brief History

Blaina Iron Works. Mr George Jones. The Blaina Iron Works were established in 1820 by Mr George Jones, Mr Jones was a Shropshire Iron Master. Over the proceeding years the area slowly built up around the Iron Works and was later carried on by Mr Richard Brown and his sons Thomas and James. More information on Mr George Jones below. ... Read More »

Havard and Morgan – Aerated Mineral Water Manufacturers Nantyglo

Havard and Morgan – Aerated Mineral Water Manufacturers Nantyglo. Messrs Havard and Morgan consisted of the partnership of Mr William Griffiths Morgan and Mr Thomas Havard. Mr William Griffiths Morgan. Mr William Griffiths Morgan, born 1875 was the son of Mr Thomas Morgan and Martha Morgan nee Phillips. His father Thomas Morgan was a Wesleyan Minister originally from St Davids, ... Read More »

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