Nantyglo & Blaina

William Williams & Co Company Token – Nantyglo Iron Works 1811

William Williams & Co – Nantyglo Iron Works 1811. Mr William Williams was partner with Mr Matthew Wayne and Mr Joseph Bailey Esq at Nantyglo Iron Works in the early 1800s. Their partnership was known as William Williams & Co and was a Company Shop business when the Nantyglo Ironworks were in its infancy. Their partnership was dissolved in 1813.  ... Read More »

Blaina House – Cwmcelyn, Blaina

Blaina House – Cwmcelyn, Blaina. Blaina House along with a few other houses and the Blaina Inn belonged to and was part of the Blaina Estate. The Estate was all part of the Blaina Iron Works. I don’t know the exact date Blaina House was constructed though it was on the 1840 Tithe Map (as seen left) The block of ... Read More »

Blaina Iron Works – A Brief History

Blaina Iron Works. Mr George Jones. In 1820 the Blaina Iron Works were established by Mr George Jones, a Shropshire Iron Master. Over the proceeding years the area slowly built up around them and was carried on by Mr Richard Brown and his son’s. More information on Mr George Jones below. Messrs Brown Family. Mr Richard Brown. Mr Richard Brown ... Read More »

Havard and Morgan – Aerated Mineral Water Manufacturers Nantyglo

Havard and Morgan – Aerated Mineral Water Manufacturers Nantyglo. Messrs Havard and Morgan consisted of the partnership of Mr William Griffiths Morgan and Mr Thomas Havard. Mr William Griffiths Morgan. Mr William Griffiths Morgan, born 1875 was the son of Mr Thomas Morgan and Martha Morgan nee Phillips. His father Thomas Morgan was a Wesleyan Minister originally from St Davids, ... Read More »

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina. The Duffryn Recreation Ground had been a venue for sports since the mid 1850s though the grounds you see today were laid down by groups of unemployed men working for the Council within a scheme funded by various organisations over many years. The scheme also included funding for the Banna Recreation Grounds and the reconstruction ... Read More »

Mr John Monks – Contractor, Crumlin and Blaina

Mr John Monks – Contractor. Mr John Monks was born in Bath in 1852. After the death of his father in 1869 he came to Monmouthshire and entered into the employment of his uncle Mr J. Cox at Crosskeys. He moved to Newport and was employed by Messrs Firbank, Railway Contractors. It was reported he was with this firm during ... Read More »

The Gobaith Church – Blaina

The Gobaith Calvinistic Methodist Church – Blaina. The Welsh Evangelists Howell Harris and Daniel Rowlands worked together to push Welsh Calvinism in Monmouthshire, though they both parted company and Howell Harris established a society at Gelli Crug, Cwmtillery, Abertillery, though it didn’t take off and soon became non-existent, later the general conditions in the locality at that time was reported ... Read More »

Nantyglo House – History

Nantyglo House. In the early years of the Iron & Coal Industry at Nantyglo it was thought the Bailey brothers had the Round-Houses/Towers built, I have searched for a construction date and a reason for them but can’t find anything. The consensus was that they were built between 1810 and 1822 to protect them from their disgruntled workforce when needed, ... Read More »

Nantyglo Iron and Coal Works History

Nantyglo Iron and Coal Works History. I understand a lot of books, other articles and web pages have been written on the exploits of the Bailey Bros and the alleged tyranny of Crawshay Bailey, though this is just a brief non-judgemental timeline with a few previously unknown/unreported details on his/their life and times at Nantyglo whether it be good or ... Read More »

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