Negretti & Zambra Mining Borehole Thermometer

Negretti & Zambra Mining Borehole Thermometer. This instrument is what is believed to be a mining borehole thermometer. The glass mercury filled thermometer tube is encased in a cut-away brass tube with a screw top and suspension hanger. The bottom of the brass tube is pierced around the area where the mercury reservoir sits.    Made from brass and glass. ... Read More »

Millendreath Miners Holiday Village

Millendreath Holiday Village. This booklet was published in January 1965 to advertise the proposed Millendreath Miners Holiday Village that was intended to be constructed in a small valley two miles east of Looe in Cornwall. It is a 16 page booklet, size 7″ x 5″ inches, full of information and photographs of the village and it states the following – ... Read More »

N.C.B. Tarring Brush

N.C.B. Tarring Brush. This brush used for tarring was made by Briton for the National Coal Board and stamped N.C.B. Made from wood and bristle. The bristles are wound with copper wire to hold them in place.  Size 15″ x 5″ inches and stamped 10 ounces. Read More »

A National Coal Board Car Club Badge

A National Coal Board Car Club Badge. This badge is a grill, bonnet or bumper attachment badge for the National Coal Board Car Club.  These badges were issued to the members of the car club to display on their automobiles. The branch of the club was the Monmouthshire Division of the South Western Area. At the centre of the badge ... Read More »

Pit Pony Hames – Shoulder Harness

Pit Pony Hames. This is a pit pony harness hames, a shoulder yoke. Placed over the shoulders and resting on the front of the chest of a horse or pony and strapped with a harness to pull loads. Made from iron with a wooden core with iron attachments. Size 30″ inches in length. Dated unknown, though seems to be early ... Read More »

A Dowty Hydraulic Pit Prop

A Dowty Hydraulic Pit Prop. This is a Dowty brand hydraulic pit-prop known as the “Dowty Duke”. There was an earlier design made by Dowty which had a different pumping mechanism and key. Made from iron. Size 3′ feet x 5″ inches. There were two types of hydraulic pit-prop of this same design used in the colliery in the 1970’s, ... Read More »

A Pair of Colliery Dram or Tub Shackles

A Pair of Colliery Dram Shackles. This is a pair of colliery dram or tub shackles, each with a five link connective length. Exclusive of the connector ends the lengths of shackles varied in linkage from one to five (in odd numbers) and sometimes longer in length to give a varying distance between drams to be able to carry long ... Read More »

A Section of the Cwmtillery Colliery Flight Rope

A Section of the Cwmtillery Colliery Flight Rope. This section of flight, aerial ropeway steel rope was found on-site at Cwmtillery Colliery. It is a half-lock coil, burden rope, this was the rope the flight buckets would travel upon while being pulled by the haulage rope.  The section of rope is 20″ inches in length by  1 and a 1/4″ ... Read More »

A Knocky-Up Board

A Knocky-Up Board. This iron framed slate board is from the North Eastern coalfields and widely used down as far as the Midlands. These wrought-iron and slate boards were screwed onto the front of the miners houses upon which the occupants would chalk the time they wanted to get up in the morning, a “knocker-upper” employed by the company would ... Read More »

Gullick Limited – Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

Gullick Limited – Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. This gauge made by Gullick Limited of Wigan was to show the pressure of the hydraulic roof props under ground. It shows the pressure in tons per square inch. Made from brass. Size 5″ x 5″ x 6 1/2″ inches. Gullick Brothers – Mining Engineers. Founded in 1920 by Geoffrey and Donald Gullick, the ... Read More »

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