The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths – Opening Ceremonial Plaque

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths – Opening Ceremonial Plaque. The original opening ceremonial Pithead Baths Plaque. Made from a copper alloy with white lettering inlay. Size of the plaque is 18″ x 24″ inches. Size with the mount is 24″ x 30″ inches. Weight of the plaque is 9kgs, with mount it is 13.7kgs. The Official Opening. On Saturday 4th ... Read More »

N.C.B. Toilet Roll

N.C.B. Toilet Roll. N.C.B. Toilet Roll manufactured for the National Coal Board to be used in their colliery Pit Head Baths. Made from thin Brown Paper. Size 4 1/2″ x 3″ inches. The roll has been scored in a zig-zag pattern along its width for tearing at every 6″ inches and the words “National Coal Board” is printed with Black ... Read More »

Panzer Chain Scraper Links

Panzer Chain Scraper Links. Panzer Chain Scraper Links. Made from Iron. Size 4″ x 3″ x 1″ inches.  These Links were used to hold the Scraper Bars to the chain on the Pans of the Panzer Chain Scraper. The Chain Scrapers were used to convey the coal and stone from the Coal Face and also used to remove the waste ... Read More »

James W. Smallman – Rope Clip

James W. Smallman – Rope Clip. A James W. Smallman – Rope Clip, this exact replica of the larger model used in collieries is either a tradesman’s sample or a commemorative model made by the James W. Smallman company of Nuneaton, England and given to members of the company. The miniature Rope Clip is mounted on a small length of ... Read More »

Underground Klaxon Horn

Underground Klaxon Horn. A small mechanical Klaxon Horn. Used in the mining industry to alert men to the dangers of moving machinery such as Coal Cutters etc or maybe to be alerted to any Shotfiring. They were housed in a steel box with a lever to press to activate the plunger on the Klaxon, the box was to keep them ... Read More »

Domestic Fireside Pokers

Domestic Fireside Pokers.  Domestic Fireside Pokers (Poker and Scraper) hand-forged in the Blacksmiths Shop at Roseheyworth Colliery. Size 23″ inches. The handles (as seen left) are Eimco Bucket control knobs.     Read More »

Rose Heyworth Colliery Surface Plan

Rose Heyworth Colliery Surface Plan. Abertillery New Mine – Rose Heyworth Section. Rose Heyworth Colliery Surface Plan. Original N.C.B. plan. Size 6′ x 2′ foot.  Rose Heyworth Colliery and Cwmtillery Colliery had always been connected below ground from the time of the former’s sinking in 1874, though in 1959 a new drift was driven between the two mines and from ... Read More »

Midget Miner Booklet – Cwmtillery Colliery 1961

National Coal Board File. N.C.B. File South Western Division, Area No6 – International Exchange of Students visit 1961. The file contains detailed information and plans on the Marine Colliery Trepanner and The Abertillery New Mine (Cwmtillery Section) Midget Miner.   This file has about 70 pages of information on the Marine Colliery and Abertillery New Mine (Cwmtillery Section), with many pull-out ... Read More »

South Wales Collieries – Mobile Winder Information File

South Wales Collieries – Mobile Winder Information File. This official N.C.B file for the use of the mobile winder in the case of any accident of breakdown of the fixed-winders was compiled by the N.C.B for the purpose of cataloguing the details of each shaft in the collieries of South Wales that was open in the early to late 1980’s. ... Read More »

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