Rose Heyworth Colliery

Rose Heyworth Colliery – List of Fatalities

Rose Heyworth Colliery Deaths. This list of deaths at the Rose Heyworth Colliery, Abertillery covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers. This page is fluid will be updated as more information is received. 1882. Mr Daniel Hyde. Died – 18th August 1882, aged 25. Mr Hyde tried to cross the pit while the carriage was in motion ... Read More »

Rose Heyworth Colliery Headgear

Rose Heyworth Colliery Headgear.  In March 1875, during the sinking procedure at the Rose Heyworth Colliery, tenders (as seen left) were invited for the construction of the Pithead Framework the head-frame. A typical framework at this time was a pitch-pine wooden headgear with flat winding rope (as seen in the main featured image above) and rope guides to guide the ... Read More »

Rose Heyworth Colliery Pithead Baths – Story

The Pithead Baths Proposal. In March 1929 a proposal was presented to the workers at the Rose Heyworth Colliery to have a pithead baths built for the benefit of the coal miners. In July 1929 a ballot was held to see if the workmen really wanted a pithead baths to be built in the first place and to put forward ... Read More »

Mrs Rosina (Rose) Heyworth – The Lady Behind the Name

Mrs Rosina (Rose) Heyworth – The Lady Behind the Name. The Rose Heyworth Colliery was sunk in 1874 under the directorship of Mr Lawrence Heyworth managing director of the South Wales Colliery Company.  The company already owned Cwmtillery (the South Wales Colliery) and the first coal raised at Rose Heyworth was in about 1876-77, though may well have been later ... Read More »

Rose Heyworth Colliery Surface Plan

Rose Heyworth Colliery Surface Plan. Abertillery New Mine – Rose Heyworth Section. Rose Heyworth Colliery surface plan. The one and only original N.C.B. plan. Size 6′ x 2′ foot.  Rose Heyworth Colliery and Cwmtillery Colliery had always been connected below ground from the time of the former’s sinking between 1874-75, though in 1959 a new drift was driven between the ... Read More »

Abertillery New Mine – Rose Heyworth and Cwmtillery Collieries Shaft Depth Details

Abertillery New Mine – Rose Heyworth and Cwmtillery Collieries Shaft Depth Details The both collieries, Rose Heyworth and Cwmtillery had always been connected since the Rose Heyworth Colliery was established and sunk in 1874-75. At that time Mr Joseph Wallace (Manager of Cwmtillery Colliery) and Mr William Adams (Mining Engineer of Cardiff) drove a connecting tunnel from Cwmtillery to the ... Read More »

De-Watering Drivage Rose Heyworth Colliery

De-Watering Drivage Rose Heyworth Colliery. In late 1980 the National Coal Board authorities had concerns of water affecting the Six Bells Colliery workings, the source of which was believed to have been from underground reservoirs located somewhere under the Arael Mountain between Rose Heyworth Colliery and Six Bells. They decided to open a Dewatering Drivage, a tunnel from Rose Heyworth ... Read More »

Coed Cae Tillery Coal Levels

Coed Cae Tillery Coal Levels. The image shows the Coed Cae Tillery Levels and waste tip (top of the photograph). The tramway from the levels came down the “Ginney” and on down to the main tram line and coke ovens close to where the Rose Heyworth Millennium School is today.   Points of interest – The image shows the Rose ... Read More »

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