Roseheyworth Colliery

Abertillery New Mine – Roseheyworth and Cwmtillery Collieries Shaft Depth Details

Abertillery New Mine – Roseheyworth and Cwmtillery Collieries Shaft Depth Details The both collieries, Roseheyworth and Cwmtillery had always been connected since the Rosesheyworth Colliery was established and sunk in 1874-75. At that time Mr Joseph Wallace (Manager of Cwmtillery Colliery) and Mr Adams (Mining Engineer of Cardiff) drove a connecting tunnel from Cwmtillery to the newly sunk Roseheyworth Colliery ... Read More »

De-Watering Drivage Roseheyworth Colliery

De-Watering Drivage Roseheyworth Colliery. Late 1980 the NCB Authorities had concerns of water affecting the Six Bells Colliery workings and the source was believed to┬áhave been underground reservoirs located somewhere under the Arael Mountain between Roseheyworth Colliery and Six Bells. They decided to open a Drivage from Roseheyworth towards Six Bells under the Abertillery Park area to bore a series ... Read More »

John Lancaster Steam Coal Collieries – Roseheyworth Colliery Lamp

John Lancaster Steam Coal Collieries – Roseheyworth Colliery Lamp. Mr John Lancaster Collieries Company first had connections with the Blaina Collieries in the beginning of March 1878, at this time it was announced that Messrs John Lancaster & Co would be taking control of the Blaina Collieries on lease from the Nantyglo & Blaina Co. On the 16th March 1878 ... Read More »

Coed Cae Tillery Coal Levels

Coed Cae Tillery Coal Levels. The image shows the Coed Cae Tillery Levels and waste tip (top of the photograph). The tramway from the levels came down the “Ginney” and on down to the main Tramline and Coke Ovens close to where the Roseheyworth Millennium School is now. Points of interest – The image shows the Roseheyworth Colliery from Old ... Read More »

Roseheyworth Colliery Pit Head Baths – Story

Roseheyworth Colliery Pit-Head Baths. In March 1929 a proposal was presented to the workers at the Roseheyworth Colliery to have a Baths built for the benefit of the Coal Miners, in July 1929 a ballot was held to see if the workmen wanted a Baths to be built in the first place and to put forward costs and contributions to ... Read More »

Colliery Doctors – Mrs Isabella Muir resident from 1886 -1915

Colliery Doctors – Cwmtillery & Roseheyworth Collieries. Dr Edmund Thomas Hale. The earliest doctor I can find documented in Cwmtillery is in 1866 when there was a report of a Mr Edmund Thomas Hale, a Surgeon to the Abertillery Collieries. In 1864 the South Wales Colliery Co purchased the collieries from Mr John Russell so Mr Hale may have been ... Read More »

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