Six Bells Colliery

Arrael Griffin Colliery, Six Bells – A History 1891-1988

Arrael Griffin Colliery, Six Bells – A History 1891-1988. Mr John Lancaster Snr. Mr John Lancaster (as seen left) first came to the valleys in 1877 to visit the area’s many coal mines and associated works with a view of leasing the Blaina collieries and works. He came back to sign the deal with the Nantyglo and Blaina Company in ... Read More »

Arrael Griffin Colliery, Six Bells – List of Fatalities 1890-1988

Arrael Colliery, Six Bells Colliery – Fatalities 1890-1988.  This list of deaths that occurred at the Arrael Griffin Colliery, Six Bells covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers. The first deaths occurred during the sinking of the No.4 & No.5 shafts at the colliery and are covered in detail on another page, though they are listed below ... Read More »

The Salvation Army Congress Band of London – At Six Bells Colliery 1911

The Salvation Army Congress Hall Band of London – 1911. In June 1911 the Salvation Army Congress Band of London visited Risca and Abertillery, they performed pieces of musical works. The members of the Congress Band were as follows – Captain H. Otway: Bandsmen, A. Dalziel; R. Lawley; Holmes; Goffin and Kyle: At Six Bells Colliery 1911. While at Abertillery ... Read More »

Mr John. P. Swinburne M.E

Mr John. P. Swinburne M.E. Mr John Swinburne M.E. chief mechanical engineer for the Messrs J. Lancaster Co. Born in 1837 at Durham, England, In about 1867 Mr John Swinburne married Isabella from Easington, County Durham. Their children were – Miss Mary Swinburne, born in 1867 at Durham. Miss Elizabeth Swinburne, born 1872 at Yorkshire and Miss Frances Swinburne, born ... Read More »

Colliery Doctors – Arael Griffin Colliery Six Bells

Colliery Doctors – Arael Griffin Colliery Six Bells. Dr T. Muir. In the 1890’s the Arael Griffin Colliery Doctor was Dr T. Muir, Doctor Muir was the surgeon to the Arael Griffin and the Powell’s Tillery Collieries. He was the brother of the Cwmtillery Doctor Dr D. C. Muir. Dr Abernethy and Dr W. G. Sargent. In 1895 Dr Abernethy, ... Read More »

Six Bells Miners Institute – Arrail Street Six Bells

Six Bells Miners Institute. In 1902 the Arrael Griffin Colliery Six Bells, owned by the Lancaster Co, had a miners institute built at a cost of £3,000.  Mr Charles T. Part J.P., St Albans, Hertfordshire, one of the directors of the firm of Messrs John Lancaster & Co having performed the opening ceremony. It was intended that Mr Part would ... Read More »

Mr John Lancaster MP, Coal Master and Iron Works Owner 1815-1884

Mr John Lancaster MP, Coalmaster and Ironworks Owner 1815-1884. Mr John Lancaster was born on the 19th September 1815 at Radcliffe, near Bury in Lancashire. The Patricroft Colliery. In 1841 Mr Lancaster became the manager of the Patricroft Colliery. Miss Euphemia Gibson. In 1841 Mr John Lancaster married Miss Euphemia Gibson of Johnston, Glasgow, Scotland. Mostyn Colliery. In 1847 he ... Read More »

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