Neolithic Flint Artifacts

Neolithic Flint Artifacts. This selection of Neolithic tools were found in Wiltshire. A spear point, cutting tool, arrowhead and a scraper. Made from flint. Size average 3″ inches. Dated Neolithic period 4,000 – 2,000 BC.  Read More »

A Medieval Caltrop

A Medieval Caltrop. Made from iron. Size 2″ x 2″ x 2″ inches. Dated 13th – 16th century.  Caltrops were scattered around the entrances to castle sites and would injure oncoming enemy invaders or horses, whichever way these landed there would always be one sharp prong sticking upwards. They were designed to injure oncoming horses or footmen if trodden upon during ... Read More »

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