Cwmtillery Colliery

Cwmtillery Colliery 1842-1982

Cwmtillery Colliery 1842-1982. The sinking of Tyr Nicholas Colliery, later known as Cwmtillery Colliery, began in 1840 and was completed by September 1842. The shaft was one hundred and thirty yards deep by seven feet in diameter. The colliery was situated and named after the land upon which it was established – Tyr Nicholas Farm. Its owner Mr Thomas Brown ... Read More »

Cwmtillery Colliery – List of Fatalities

Cwmtillery Colliery – List of Fatalities. This list of deaths at the Cwmtillery Colliery, Abertillery covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers and Ancestry files. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received. Entries with an asterisk* after the date signify that the name and date was taken from Ancestry and cannot ... Read More »

Penybont Colliery Sinking Report 1848

Penybont Colliery Sinking Report 1848. A newspaper report from the Principality Newspaper dated Friday 8th of September 1848. It shows the Tyr Nicholas Colliery, Cwmtillery Colliery, progressing. Originally sunk under the ownership of Mr Thomas Brown, purchased by Mr John Russell in 1847 and being expanded under the supervision of Mr Martin of Risca. The report also mentions the progress ... Read More »

Abertillery New Mine – Rose Heyworth and Cwmtillery Collieries Shaft Depth Details

Abertillery New Mine – Rose Heyworth and Cwmtillery Collieries Shaft Depth Details Both collieries, Rose Heyworth and Cwmtillery had always been connected since the Rose Heyworth Colliery was established and sunk in 1874-75. At that time Mr Joseph Wallace (Manager of Cwmtillery Colliery) and Mr William Adams (Mining Engineer of Cardiff) drove a connecting tunnel from Cwmtillery to the newly ... Read More »

Penybont Cwmtillery – By Product Works & Coke Ovens

Penybont Cwmtillery – By Product Works, Washery & Coke Ovens. Prior to 1911 the Cwmtillery Coke Ovens were located in the grounds of Cwmtillery Colliery. Following is a LinkĀ  to – The Original Coke Ovens at Cwmtillery Colliery The By-Product Plant. The map (left) shows the area in 1901, about ten years before the by-product plant, washery and coke works ... Read More »

Cwmtillery Colliery – Experiments with Iron Pit Props

Cwmtillery Colliery Experiments with Iron Pit Props. In October 1929 an article in the “Ebbw Vale Works Magazine” stated, “experiments with iron pit-props conducted at Cwmtillery Colliery had proved successful”. The number of iron props in use were 12,107 and the number of flats were 2,177. As a result of the change from wooden props to iron props the timber ... Read More »

Cwmtillery Colliery – Steam Winder Indicator

Cwmtillery Colliery Steam Winder Indicator. This brass hand was used to indicate the position of the cages in the shaft during winding. This indicator hand is from Cwmtillery Colliery, Abertillery. These brass indicator hands were taken from the colliery when the steam winding engines were replaced with electrical winders sometime in the 1940’s or 1950’s. There were two winders in ... Read More »

The Rose Heyworth Cwmtillery Cable Belts – East West and the Drift

The Rose Heyworth Cwmtillery Cable Belts – East West and the Drift. The map shows the two cable belts running through the Mynydd James Mountain from Cwmtillery to Rose Heyworth and vice versa. The East West Cable Belt and The Drift Cable Belt. The East West Cable Belt. The East West Cable Belt was about 1,245 yards in length and ... Read More »

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