Marine Colliery Cwm

The Marine Colliery Disaster – 1st March 1927

The Marine Colliery Disaster. The Marine Colliery, Cwm, Ebbw Vale was owned by the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Company Limited. The colliery had two shafts each about 400 yards deep 18′ feet in diameter. No.1 up-cast pit working the Old Coal Vein. No.2 down-cast pit working the Elled Big Vein and Three Quarter coal seams. The general manager ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths – Opening Ceremonial Plaque

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths – Opening Ceremonial Plaque. The original opening ceremonial Pithead Baths Plaque. Made from a copper alloy with white lettering inlay. Size of the plaque is 18″ x 24″ inches. Size with the mount is 24″ x 30″ inches. Weight of the plaque is 9kgs, with mount it is 13.7kgs. The Official Opening. On Saturday 4th ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery

The Marine Colliery Cwm. The sinking of this colliery began in 1889 by the Ebbw Vale Company and was originally called the Graig Fawr. The Opening of the Colliery. It was completed by June 3rd 1892 and was reported as being christened on this date and had been known as the Graig Fawr through henceforth be known and addressed as ... Read More »

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