Mr Samuel Nathan Jones J.P., O.B.E.

Mr Samuel Nathan Jones J.P., O.B.E. Mr Samuel Nathan Jones was born on 3rd July 1850 at Pond House, Abertillery. His parents were Mr Edward Jones and Jane Jones nee Hughes. Mr and Mrs Hughes were the first postmaster and postmistress of Abertillery, their post office was at the railway platform connected with Pond House opposite the Abertillery Tin Works, ... Read More »

Messrs J. Hepworth and Son

Messrs J. Hepworth and Son. Mr Joseph Hepworth was born in 1834 at Lindley, Huddersfield, England. In 1855 Mr Joseph Hepworth married Miss Sarah Rhodes, they had three sons and four daughters. In 1864 Mr Hepworth went into partnership with Mr James Rhodes, his wife’s brother. They began a business of making gentlemen’s three-piece-suits and based themselves in Leeds, England. ... Read More »

Mr G. A. Moxley – Gents Outfitters Abertillery

Mr G. A. Moxley – Gents Outfitters Abertillery. Mr George Alfred Moxley was born in 1887 at Blaina, Monmouthshire. His parents were Mr John Moxley a coal miner born in 1844 at Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland and Mrs Mary Elizabeth Moxley nee Parfitt born in 1846 at Clutton, Somerset. The family originally lived at Abertillery Road, Blaina before relocating to ... Read More »

Roath Furnishing Company – Church Street Abertillery

Roath Furnishing Company – Church Street Abertillery. The Roath Furnishing Company based in Cardiff opened a branch of the store at Church Street, Abertillery in August 1903. The company had a head office at 42 Castle Road, Roath, Cardiff and a store at Vere Street, Cardiff. A few years later branches were also opened at High Street, Bargoed and Taff ... Read More »

Market Street Abertillery – June 1908

Market Street – Abertillery in 1908. The photograph in the (main featured image above) was taken in June 1908. It can be dated to that precise time as the billboards outside the Market Hall are advertising Senor Jose Gomez the celebrated Spanish violinist who was booked to perform there in June 1908. Market Street was one of the main streets ... Read More »

Messrs Twissell Hairdressers & General Dealer – Aberbeeg

Messrs Twissell Hairdressers & General Dealer. From the mid 1890’s Mr Edwin Twissell and his wife Mrs Emma Twissell carried on a business as general dealers at 4 Commercial Square, Aberbeeg, Monmouthshire. Mr Edwin Twissell. Mr Edwin Twissell was born in 1845 at Trevethin, Pontypool, the son of Mr John and Mrs Susan Twissell. Mr John Twissell was a butcher ... Read More »

Mr Joseph Simons – Bristol House Abertillery

Mr Joseph Simons. Mr Joseph Simons was born in 1864 at Galicia, Vienna, Austria. The family first came to Brynmawr in about 1881. In 1885 Mr Joseph Simons moved to Abertillery and married Miss Prescilla Lyons of Newport, Monmouthshire and opened a furniture business at Abertillery. On the various census records it stated that Mrs Prescilla Simons nee Lyons was ... Read More »

Mr Tom Evans – Jeweller, Abertillery

Mr Tom Evans – Jeweller. Mr Frederick Thomas Evans known as Tom Evans, was born in 1887 at Abertillery, the son of Francis and Elizabeth Evans proprietors of the Royal Oak Inn, Abertillery. The Jewel Box. In 1907 Mr Tom Evans opened a jewellery shop at 37 Church Street, Abertillery (as seen to the left in the main featured image ... Read More »

Mr G. H. Handy – Tobacconist and Newsagent

Mr G. H. Handy – Tobacconist and Newsagent. In 1900 Mr G. H. Handy opened a tobacconist, newsagents and fancy dealer shop at 25 & 26 Church Street Abertillery, opposite where Pritchard’s Chemist is today. The early advertisements showed they were also stationers. Mr George H. Handy was a coal miner and Mrs Mary Ann Handy was the shop proprietor. ... Read More »

Harmston Music Warehouse

Harmston Music Store. The Harmston Music Warehouse Company was established at No1 Nicholas Street, Pontypool in 1887 by Mr Albert Edward Harmston of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England. The company specialised in pianos and organs. In about 1890 the music store was taken over by Mr J. J. Harmston of Penygarn, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, the younger brother of Mr A. E. Harmston and ... Read More »

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