Blaina/Nantyglo Collieries

The J. Lancaster Company Offices – Blaina

The J. Lancaster Company Offices Blaina. The John Lancaster Company General Offices at Blaina owned by the John Lancaster Co used as the company’s general offices. The Ebbw Vale Company. In 1915 the Ebbw Vale Company took over the lease of the collieries of the J. Lancaster Company. The Move to Cwmtillery. In December 1922 the Ebbw Vale Company moved ... Read More »

California Colliery Level – Nantyglo

California Colliery. The California Colliery Level (as seen in the centre of the map from 1920) just opposite the Nantyglo Station was opened by Mr Silvanus Jones Jnr in October 1904. In 1915 the collieries were taken over by Silvanus Jones & Co. (S Jones & Co). In November 1920 it was announced that Mr Silvanus Jones of the Woodlands, ... Read More »

Mr J. P. D. Williams – Blaina Collieries

Mr J. P. D. Williams M.E. – General Manager of the Blaina Collieries. Mr J. P. D. Williams was born in 1834 at Nantyglo, Monmouthshire. His family lived on the Garn, Nantyglo and at 11 years of age he started work in the coalmines. His first job was in the “Little Pit” Blaina, under his brother-in-law Mr Thomas Lewis the ... Read More »

Nantyglo Collieries

Nantyglo Collieries. A portion of Messrs J. & C. Bailey land map showing their Nantyglo Ironworks in the 1870s, The map features some of the collieries (circled clockwise bottom to top) – No6 Stable Pit in the grounds of the round houses; No4 Vydylog Pit; The Force-Forge? Pit; Winches Pit; The Old Winches Pit; The Wain Pit; Milfrain Pit; No2 ... Read More »

Blaina and Nantyglo Collieries and Iron Works

J. & C. Bailey land map mid 1800s. A small portion of a J. & C. Bailey land map mid 1800s showing land leases and just a few of the many collieries. The map features the collieries circled left to right – Glyn Milwr Pit; The Feeder Black Pin Pit; Blaina Red Vein Pit; No8 Flue Pit; J & C ... Read More »

North Blaina Collieries

The North Blaina Collieries. Ffosmaen Colliery. (Information to come) Peggy’s Pit Coalbrookvale Nantyglo. There isn’t a great deal known about this colliery, though it was a deep mine with quite a few men employed there. It was situated close to the Ffosmaen Colliery and on the image can be seen both collieries and an airshaft (top right of the image). ... Read More »

Coalbrookvale Colliery

Coalbrookvale. The name of Coalbrookvale was an English derivation of Nant-y-glo, stream of coal, Coal Brook in the vale of. Mr George Brewer. The Coalbrookvale Iron Works were set up in the 1820’s by Mr George Brewer. Later his son Mr Thomas Llewellyn Brewer took control. Coalbrookvale Colliery. The Coalbrookvale Deep Pit was sunk sometime after 1840, (the colliery was ... Read More »

Blaina Nantyglo Collieries

Blaina Nantyglo Collieries. Just a few of the collieries in the area. Ffosmaen Colliery, the Old Sun Pit, Trostre Pits and the Coalbrookvale Colliery. The name Trostre is spelt in many different ways on maps over the years. Read More »

Stones Colliery

The Sun Pits – North Blaina Colliery – Stones Pit. There was an old disused shaft on the site prior to 1880 more than probably opened and owned by Messrs Bailey Bros and the mothballed. Sometime later the Messrs Stone Brothers, Mr John & William Stone took over and renamed it the “New Sun Pit” It was mentioned in reports ... Read More »

Blaina Collieries

The Stones Colliery. (Information on another page). The Upper Deep Colliery. Opened in about 1855, the Upper Deep Colliery was located in the Cwmcelyn area and may have been opened by Messrs Levick & Simpson. In 1864 a coal cutter was invented by Levick and Jones of Cwmcelyn and exhibited in the Paris Exhibition. Mr James Brown and his brother ... Read More »

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