Beynon’s Colliery

Beynon’s Colliery Pit Head Baths

Beynon’s Colliery Pithead Baths. On Saturday 25th of March 1933, the Beynon’s Colliery Pithead Baths were officially opened they were constructed under the Miners Welfare Scheme at the Beynon’s Colliery, Blaina at a cost of £15,000 and were officially opened by Sir John W. Beynon, Bart, C.B.E. chairman of the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Co Ltd, in the …

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Mr Jenkyn Williams M.E.

Mr Jenkyn Williams M.E. The Beynon’s Colliery was planned under the scheme submitted by Mr Jenkyn Williams M.E. (Pictured above). (More information to come)

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Beynons Colliery Blaina – A Brief History

Beynons Colliery – Blaina In early 1920’s the collieries of Blaina that had been previously owned by the Messrs J. Lancaster Co had not mined coal west of the River Ebbw. The company needed a new mine capable of retrieving the coal from that side of the valley. Mr Jenkyn Williams. In 1920 Mr Jenkyn Williams M.E. submitted a scheme …

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