Penybont/Tillery Colliery

Penybont 1835 – Land Upon Which the Penybont Tillery Colliery Would be Built

Penybont 1835. The map features the land area upon which the Penybont Tillery Colliery was sunk. Messrs T. P. Price and his brother D. Price started the sinking of the colliery in about 1848. The shafts were sunk and completed by November 1850. Mr Matthew Habakkuk was the underground surveyor and engineer in charge. Some features on the map – ... Read More »

Penybont Tillery Colliery – Early History

The Penybont Tillery Colliery. Between 1846 and 1848 the sinking of the Penybont Tillery Colliery under the ownership of Messrs T. P. and D. Price of Brecon began on the Greenmeadow Estate, Penybont, owned by Mr Stothert, of Bath. Mr Matthew Habakkuk was the underground surveyor and engineer in charge during its sinking. Messrs T. P. Price & D. Price ... Read More »

Penybont Tillery Colliery – List of Fatalities

Penybont Tillery Colliery – List of Fatalities. This list of deaths at the Cwmtillery Colliery, Abertillery covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers and Ancestry files. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received. Entries with an asterisk* after the date signify that the name and date was taken from Ancestry and ... Read More »

Penybont Colliery Sinking Report 1848

Penybont Colliery Sinking Report 1848. A newspaper report from the Principality Newspaper dated Friday 8th of September 1848. It shows the Tyr Nicholas Colliery, Cwmtillery Colliery, progressing. Originally sunk under the ownership of Mr Thomas Brown, purchased by Mr John Russell in 1847 and being expanded under the supervision of Mr Martin of Risca. The report also mentions the progress ... Read More »

Shaft Diver – Penybont Colliery 1865

Shaft Diver at the Penybont Tillery Colliery. The following is a report from an engineering item written by Mr T. Dyne Steel, M.E. a shareholder and engineer who had connections with of the Penybont Tillery Colliery in the 1860’s. The Devonshire Journal. This article is from the Devonshire Journal, dated December 1865, it states that Mr T. Dyne Steel has ... Read More »

Thomas Wilde Powell 1818-1897

Mr Thomas Wilde Powell 1818-1897. Mr Thomas Wilde Powell, was a solicitor, philanthropist, banker, broker and art collector etc, he lived in Piccards Rough, Guildford. His wife was Mary Elizabeth nee Marten. In 1884, shortly after coming to Abertillery, Mr Powell paid for the erection the Tillery Reading Rooms, Abertillery. Mr Powell was also instrumental in the construction the Powell’s ... Read More »

The Early Ventilation System

The Ventilation in the Mines During the 19th Century. In the early deep coal mines (pre-electric fan ventilation) ventilation was generated by furnaces in a purpose-built ventilation shaft, all the documents I have found relating to this shows the coal furnaces were at pit bottom in the up-cast shaft, located in two large recesses at the back of the shaft. ... Read More »

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