Photometer. A Colliery Lamproom Photometer. Manufactured by Oldham & Son Ltd, Lamps. Made from Wood, Metal and Leather. Size 15″ x 10″ x 10″ inches. Date unknown. These Photometers were used to measure the brightness of the Miners Cap Lamps. The inside of the Photometer is painted white with an internal diffuser and a light gauge. The activated Cap Lamp ... Read More »

Six Bells Colliery – Miners Oil Lamp

Six Bells Colliery – Miners Oil Lamp. Six Bells Colliery – Miners Oil Lamp. A Thomas and Williams Ltd of Aberdare, Miners Oil Lamp No24. The lamp has the name Six Bells stamped along the Brass air-vents (as seen in the image left) and also on the inside at top of the oil reservoir. The Lamp is made from Steel, ... Read More »

Miners Oil Lamp Spikes

Miners Oil Lamp Spikes. Miners Oil Lamp Spikes. Made of Iron. Size 11″ x 1 1/2″ inches and 10″ x 1 1/2″ inches. These Oil Lamp Spikes were used by the Colliers on the Coal Face, they would be hammered into the timbers and the Oil Lamp would be hung from the hole in the spike. Read More »

An Eccles Miners Protector Lamp – Relighter

An Eccles Miners Protector Lamp. An Eccles Miners Protector Lamp. Size 10″ x 3″ inches. This is a Chrome and Brass miners re-lightable oil lamp used by Deputies and Overmen etc, if gas was present they were trained to check for its presence using this re-lighter. Ordinary oil lamps issued to workers were not made to be re-lit, if gas ... Read More »

Miners Oil Lamp – Open Gauze Lamp

Miners Oil Lamp – Open Gauze Lamp. Miners Oil Lamp – Open Gauze Lamp. Made from Iron and Brass. Size 9″ x 3″ inches. Date unknown, though it has some type of a locking mechanism on the oil reservoir. Lamps similar to this were often used in Germany. All parts are numbered, as original. This lamp had an open gauze ... Read More »

Two Copper Oil Flasks

Two Copper Oil Flasks. Two Copper Oil Flasks. Embossed onto the front in a small cartouche are the initials B.C.Co. more than probably from the Bolsover Colliery Company. Size 7″ x 5″ inches. Read More »

Lamproom Sealing Wax

Lamproom Sealing Wax. Lamproom Sealing Wax. Made from Wax. Size 4″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″ inches. This Sealing Wax with a wick was used to seal the release pins in place in the Cap-Lamp bezel so that no-one could access the air tight lens and bulb to expose the electrical parts. The wick would be set alight to melt the ... Read More »

Thorn Miners Lamp Bulbs

Thorn Miners Lamp Bulbs. Thorn Miners Lamp Bulbs. A box of 25 Thorn Clear 2.4V 1amp Krypton Bulbs. Made by the Thorn Lighting Company, Great Britain. Size 5″ x 5″ x 1 1/2″ inches. These were stocked in the Lamproom in all collieries for spares and repairs to the miners cap lamps. Read More »

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