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Blaenau Gwent Baptist Movement and Chapel – Ty Nest Llewellyn

Blaenau Gwent Baptist Movement, Chapel and Schoolroom. Blaenau Gwent goes far back in the history of our county of Gwent. Gwlad Gwent used to include the counties of Monmouthshire, Hereford and Gloucester. The center of this region was the fortified city of Caerwent (Caer Gwent) this city gave its name to the county around it. As the people of Gwent ... Read More »

Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church – New Construction 1905

Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church. In 1715 the first Blaenau Gwent Chapel was constructed, members at this point numbered between 80 to 90. In 1839 the chapel was re-built at a cost of £500. In 1880 the chapel was again enlarged. In 1885 increased accommodation to the chapel was added and a larger schoolroom was erected. Towards the end of 1895 ... Read More »

The Glandwr Baptist Chapel – Aberbeeg

The Glandwr Baptist Chapel – Aberbeeg. The History of the Church. The following information on the history of the reverends at Glandwr, Aberbeeg between the 1660’s and 1897 was extracted from the M.S. of the Rev W. Jones and published in the South Wales Gazette in September 1906. Glan-y-dwr. Glan-y-dwr to the Baptists is a sacred and historic name. Before ... Read More »

The Six Bells Congregational Church – The Rehoboth

The Six Bells Congregational Church – The Rehoboth. From the 1890’s, the congregationalists of Six Bells, Abertillery had held their religious meetings at the Hafod Van Reading Room, Six Bells. Over the years to follow the members of the church – a mission off-shoot of the Tabernacle Church looked toward more suitable accommodation, a church of their own in which ... Read More »

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church – Abertillery

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church – Abertillery. The Roman Catholics in the area first made efforts to promote the Roman Catholic religion to the population of Abertillery in 1875. The main promoters at Abertillery were Mrs W. H. Brewer and Miss Brewer. It was reported that Abertillery was to be the leading Catholic village in the district. The Roman Catholic ... Read More »

St David’s Roman Catholic Church – Llanhilleth

St Davids Roman Catholic Church – Llanhilleth. The Roman Catholic Church at Llanhilleth was established fairly late compared to the other churches and chapels in the district. It was planned in November 1925 and built soon after at a site on Commercial Street, Llanhilleth. (More information to come). On 13th of March 1931, the Catholic Church at Llanhilleth was solemnised. ... Read More »

The Gobaith Church – Blaina

The Gobaith Calvinistic Methodist Church – Blaina. The Welsh Evangelists Howell Harris and Daniel Rowlands worked together to push Welsh Calvinism in Monmouthshire, though they both parted company and Howell Harris established a society at Gelli Crug, Cwmtillery, Abertillery, though it didn’t take off and soon became non-existent. Later the general conditions in the locality at that time was reported ... Read More »

The Ebenezer Church & Lecture Hall – Abertillery

The Ebenezer Baptist Church – Abertillery. The organisation originated in a split at the King Street Baptist Church when on Sunday 3rd December 1876 the Rev Llewellyn Jones left his ministerial post at King Street and took eighty-two members with him, with the intention of founding a new cause. The Ebenezer Church Site. Their new church was to be situated ... Read More »

St Michaels Church – Abertillery

St Michaels Church Abertillery. Abertillery in the 1830’s-40’s was practically non-existent, a few farms and one main small iron works owned by Mr Richard Walker of Trevethin, Pontypool, father-in-law to Mr William Webb, Brewster of Aberbeeg. Mr Walker’s Iron Works were situated where Tesco’s Supermarket is today. In the mid 1840’s Mr Walker went bankrupt and he sold the works. ... Read More »

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