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Abertillery Junior Rugby Football Teams – An Early History

The Abertillery Junior Rugby Teams. During the relatively short history of Abertillery, the town has had many teams in connection with rugby football, including the senior sides of Blaenau Gwent R.F.C., Abertillery, the various chapel and church teams, school teams along with the town’s junior teams including the Harlequins, Crusaders, Abertillery United, Wednesday’s team and the Boccolonians just to name ... Read More »

The Abertillery County School Grounds – Roseheyworth Road

The Abertillery County School Grounds – Roseheyworth Road. The County School Grounds were initially fields (as seen left) purchased by the council in 1921 upon which they intended to use as part of their housing scheme. They had been dumping refuse on its northern portion close to where the Millenium School, Roseheyworth Campus is situated today. The tip was halted ... Read More »

The Abertillery Park Pavilion

The Abertillery Park Pavilion. On 10th April 1911 at a monthly meeting of the Abertillery District Council held at the council chambers with Mr George Jones presiding, the following gentlemen attended – Mr T. H. Prichard (Vice-Chairman); Alderman W. Thomas J.P.; Mr W. Harris; Mr J. Phillips; Mr R. Downs; Mr G. Purnell; Mr D. Smith; Mr Theo Jones; Mr ... Read More »

The Football Grandstand Abertillery

The Football Grandstand Abertillery. On Monday 12th November 1906 at an Abertillery District Council meeting held at the Offices at King Street, Abertillery, it was proposed to have a grand stand erected. The work on its construction was to be paid for by the Abertillery Football Club. The club had asked for permission to have one erected and Mr Harris ... Read More »

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina. The Duffryn Recreation Ground had been a venue for sports since the mid 1850’s though the grounds you see today were laid down by groups of unemployed men working for the council within a scheme funded by various organisations over many years. The scheme also included funding for the Banna Recreation Grounds and the reconstruction ... Read More »

Abertillery Cycle Track – Early History

Abertillery Cycle Track. Cycling in the Abertillery district really took off in the late 1880’s when individuals and groups took to the roads on their bicycles. Retailers in the large towns advertised bicycles for sale and new technology applied at this time made cycling easier and more comfortable. In the late 1880’s bicycle riders were very often caught for not ... Read More »

Abertillery Rugby Football Team 1905-1906 Season

Abertillery Rugby Football Team The Monmouthshire League Champions 1905-1906. Top Row – Mr F. Read (Treasurer); Mr George Tillings (Chairman); Mr E. J. Williams (President); Mr E. Jones Williams J.P.; Mr J. James (Secretary) and Mr John Stephens (Trainer): Second Row – Mr T. Dykes; Mr Abe Jones; Mr Lionel Thomas; Mr Alfred (Jim) Webb; Mr Jake Blackmore and Mr ... Read More »

Abertillery Rugby Football Club – The Early Years

Abertillery Rugby Football Club. There is a consensus that the Abertillery Rugby Football Club was formed in 1883. I have thoroughly searched all newspaper reports from that time but can’t find any information or details of their set-up. The earliest mention of the team in official reports that are available is in 1885 when the Abertillery Rugby Football Team were ... Read More »

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