Sport and Leisure

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina. The Duffryn Recreation Ground had been a venue for sports since the mid 1850s though the grounds you see today were laid down by groups of unemployed men working for the Council within a scheme funded by various organisations over many years. The scheme also included funding for the Banna Recreation Grounds and the reconstruction ... Read More »

Abertillery Cycle Track – Early History

Abertillery Cycle Track. Cycling in Abertillery really took off in the late 1880’s when individuals and groups took to the roads on their bicycles. Retailers in the large towns advertised bicycles for sale and new technology applied at this time made cycling easier and more comfortable. In the late 1880’s riders were very often caught for not using a lamp ... Read More »

Abertillery Rugby Football Team 1905-1906 Season

Abertillery Rugby Football Team The Monmouthshire League Champions 1905-1906. Top Row – Mr F. Read (Treasurer); Mr George Tillings (Chairman); Mr E. J. Williams (President); Mr E. Jones Williams J.P.; Mr J. James (Secretary) and Mr John Stephens (Trainer): Second Row – Mr T. Dykes; Mr Abe Jones; Mr Lionel Thomas; Mr Alfred (Jim) Webb; Mr Jake Blackmore and Mr ... Read More »

Abertillery Rugby Football Club – The Early Years

Abertillery Rugby Football Club. There is a consensus that the Abertillery Rugby Football Club formed in 1883. I have thoroughly searched all newspaper reports from that time but can’t find any information or details on their set-up. The earliest mention of the team in official reports that are available is in 1885 when the Abertillery Rugby Football Team were playing ... Read More »

Abertillery v Australia Rugby Football – December 1908

Abertillery v Australia Rugby December 1908. The Visit┬áby the Wallabies. On Monday 14th December 1908 at a monthly District Council meeting held at the Council Chambers with the gentlemen present as follows – Mr W. Harris J.P. (Chairman); Mr D. Smith (Vice Chairman); Alderman W. Thomas J.P.; Mr E. James Williams; Mr W. Lewis; Mr R. Downs; Mr Theo Jones; ... Read More »

The Six Bells Recreation Grounds

The Six Bells Recreation Grounds story. In the early 1920s the unemployment and financial situation in the South Wales Valley was looking bleak. There was a slump in the coal trade after the 1921 Miners “Lock-out” workers in the industry laid off and together with the valley’s high population meant many men were out of work. At this time voluntary ... Read More »

Six Bells Lido

Six Bells Lido. In the early 1930 the people of Six Bells got together and formed a committee with the intention to have an open-air Baths/Lido built in the village. They contacted various influential people in the area for backing and Mr A. Lewis (Landowner) gave the land at Cwm Llwydrew and a donation for it to be built. Mr ... Read More »

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