Abertillery History

Mr E. G. Smith & Co – Abertillery Brick maker

Mr E. G. Smith & Co – Abertillery Brick-maker. I have no information on Messrs E. G. Smith & Sons. Mr Smith was one of a few known brick makers in the Abertillery between 1850 and 1930. Abertillery and District Brickworks and Brick makers. Mr James B. King, Abertillery, Cwmtillery. Mr King was also a Coalmine Level owner at Abertillery in ... Read More »

Mr S. Ralph & Sons Mineral Water Bottle – Abertillery

Mr Samuel Ralph & Sons Mineral Water Manufacturing. An actual bottle from Mr S. Ralph’s Pop Factory. There were a few different design glass bottles produced by Messrs Ralph & Sons and also a known Stoneware dumpy bottle in a Dark Grey colour about 7″ in height 3″ diameter.  Made from Glass. Size 8″ x 3″ inches. A close-up of ... Read More »

Messrs Ralph and Sons – Abertillery

Mr Samuel Ralph. Mr Samuel Ralph was born in 1865 at Cwmtillery, Abertillery. He was the son of Mr Henry and Eleanor Ralph of Chapel Row, Cwmtillery. Samuel was the eldest of four sons, with William, Thomas and Alfred and a daughter Sarah. In about 1884 Mr Samuel Ralph moved from the family home at Cwmtillery, married Agnes Alice nee ... Read More »

Abertillery War Memorial

Abertillery War Memorial. After the Great War of 1914-1918 and prior to the erection of the War Memorial the people of Abertillery attended Remembrance Day Services every November 11th at various buildings in the town. The main procession was formed at the Drill Hall with a walk to the Parish Church where memorial services were held. The Salvation Army used ... Read More »

The White Horse Inn – Cwmtillery

The White Horse Inn – Cwmtillery. The White Horse Inn was one of the oldest Inns in Abertillery and was situated on Club Row, Cwmtillery, where White Horse Court housing Complex is today. Both Club Row and the White Horse Inn was built on leasehold December 21st 1842.  In the 1840s Mr Daniel Jones was the Landlord In April 1876 ... Read More »

The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery

The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery. The history of the Ivorites Inn, Castle Street, Abertillery is a little unclear. I am not sure when the Ivorites Inn, Abertillery was established (more research is needed) though it was mentioned in a report from 1869, the Landlord at that time was Mr John Griffiths, it stated the Ivorites Arms, Abertillery. I ... Read More »

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina

Duffryn Recreational Grounds – Blaina. The Duffryn Recreation Ground had been a venue for sports since the mid 1850s though the grounds you see today were laid down by groups of unemployed men working for the Council within a scheme funded by various organisations over many years. The scheme also included funding for the Banna Recreation Grounds and the reconstruction ... Read More »

Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church – New Construction 1905

Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church. In 1715 the first Blaenau Gwent Chapel was constructed, members at this point numbered from 80 to 90. In 1839 the Chapel was re-built at a cost of £500. In 1880 the Chapel was again enlarged. In 1885 increased accommodation to the Chapel was added and a larger schoolroom was erected. Towards the end of 1895 ... Read More »

Abertillery Cycle Track – Early History

Abertillery Cycle Track. Cycling in Abertillery really took off in the late 1880’s when individuals and groups took to the roads on their bicycles. Retailers in the large towns advertised bicycles for sale and new technology applied at this time made cycling easier and more comfortable. In the late 1880’s riders were very often caught for not using a lamp ... Read More »

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