Abertillery History

Tyr Graig School Junior Mixed and Infants School – Llanhilleth

Tyr Graig School – Llanhilleth. In 1909, after the decision to construct a new school at Llanhilleth a competition was held by the committee of the educational department for the best design of a school building. Mr John Bain F.R.I.S.A., architect to the Monmouthshire County Council Education Committee was appointed assessor. Mr Bain chose the design of Messrs Speir & ... Read More »

Brynhyfryd Secondary School – Llanhilleth

Brynhyfryd Secondary School – Llanhilleth. The planning for a school at Llanhilleth was first debated in June 1902, a committee was set up to visit various sites and to report back to the authority. The Education Authority were looking to build a school at Cwmcuffin and it was to be known as the Cwmcuffin School. Tenders. In March 1905 tenders ... Read More »

A Beer Barrel Bung Collar and a Beer Barrel Tap

Beer Barrel Hardware. A Beer Barrel Bung Collar and a Beer Barrel Tap. The Bung Collar. The bung collar is externally threaded and was screwed into a hole in the bilge at the side-middle of the beer barrel. It was used for access into the barrel for filling and cleaning. After a cleaning, the barrel would be re-filled and sealed ... Read More »

Goodman Weiner, Nantyglo – Mineral Water Codd Bottle

Mr Goodman Weiner Mineral Water Codd Bottle. This is the lower part of a mineral water Codd bottle from the company of Mr Goodman Weiner of the Garn Cross, Nantyglo, Monmouthshire. The bottle has its neck missing. Made from glass. Size 4″ x 2 1/4″ inches. The bottle would have been 7″ in height had it been whole.  Dated – ... Read More »

The New Road to Blaina – Rose Heyworth Road

The New Road to Blaina – Rose Heyworth Road. Originally the main road to Blaina from Abertillery was the Old Blaina Road, the road began at Bridge Street, Abertillery, it went northwards along the base of the Arael Mountain on the western side of the river to the Tilers Arms, Blaina. On this route was a right-of-way at Glo-Byllau Farm ... Read More »

A Handbook of Railway Stations

A Handbook of Railway Stations. This is an official handbook of railway stations in Great Britain and Ireland. It lists Station Accommodation, including Crane Power, Junctions, Sidings, Collieries and Works etc with County Region, the Executive or Company and Position. Pages – 494 pages. Published in 1956 by the British Transport Commission, Railway Clearing House, 203 Eversholt Street, London NW1. ... Read More »

The Abertillery Labour Exchange

The Abertillery Labour Exchange. It was said by one of Churchill’s biographers Mr Philip Guedella, that Churchill had introduced Labour Exchanges to the UK after a preliminary survey of the German system in operation in Alsace. Others state David Lloyd George as the founder, although the scheme was later approved and passed by Parliament. The Labour Exchange Act of 1909. ... Read More »

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