Abertillery History

Louis Cafe – Ebbw Vale

Louis Cafe – Ebbw Vale. Two Tea-Spoons from Louis Cafe, James Street, Ebbw Vale. The both handles are machine stamped “Louis Cafe Ebbw Vale”. Makers Redcliffe of Sheffield. Made from Stainless Nickel Silver. Size 5″ x 1″ inches.     Read More »

The Abertillery Tabernacle Congregational Church – Financial Statement Booklet

The Abertillery Tabernacle Congregational Church – Financial Statement Booklet. A 24 page booklet for the statement of accounts for the Abertillery Tabernacle Church Chapel Street Abertillery. The following pages shows the officers and the names of the members and the donations made by each. Following is a Link to – The Abertillery Tabernacle Congregational Church History. Dated 31st December 1953. Size ... Read More »

The History of Quoits in the Valley’s

The History of Quoits in the Valley. Quoits played at club level began in this valley in the late 1880’s. The game had been played as a hobby for many years but in 1889 the game of quoits was being seen as less of a pastime and more of a possible competitive sport, many towns and villages in the district ... Read More »

Pubs and Clubs in Abertillery

Pubs and Clubs in Abertillery & District. Glo-Byllau Farm – Cider House. The Farm House Old Blaina Road. Welsh translation “Pools Of Coal”. Was known to sell cider in the 1800’s. The Roseheyworth Club. Roseheyworth Estate. Constructed in 1962. The Clyn Mawr Hotel. Blaenau Gwent. The Crown Inn. Blaenau Gwent. One of the oldest Inn’s which was also a farm, ... Read More »

The Somerset Hotel – Abertillery

The Somerset Hotel – Abertillery. The Somerset Hotel was originally known as the Somerset House and was first featured on the 1861 census. It is believed that the original inn was constructed sometime in the late 1850’s. Somerset Street was the area from the Somerset House to High Street, from the Somerset House to Cwm Farm Road was known as ... Read More »

The Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church – Members Ledger 1885-1920

The Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church – Members Ledger 1885-1920. This members ledger has 196 pages containing hundreds of names and addresses of the members of the Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church between the years of 1885 and 1920. It also contains the subscriptions paid by each individual. Also listed are the individual Baptisms, who they were performed on and the dates ... Read More »

Queen Street School Abertillery – Pupil Registers 1896

Queen Street School Pupil Registers 1896. The original registers from the Queen Street School, Abertillery from 1896. These registers contain the first pupils who attended the school, addresses and parents names etc. The first pupil who was admitted into the school in 10th August 1896 was Master Arthur Rawlings of Green Meadow Terrace, Abertillery. If anyone requires any information for ... Read More »

The Commercial Hotel – Abertillery

The Commercial Hotel – Abertillery. The Commercial Hotel was originally an Inn and was known as the Commercial Inn in all early reports. The Commercial Inn, Abertillery was first mentioned in a report in the Monmouthshire Merlin on the 18th February 1865 when Mrs Emma Jarrett was charged with being drunk and riotous at the Commercial Inn, Abertillery and was fined ... Read More »

The Mitre Inn – Abertillery

The Mitre Inn – Abertillery. Mr Llewellyn Elias. The Mitre Inn Abertillery first appeared in newspaper reports during 1867, it was advertised as being number 15 Mitre Street and seemed to be for sale along with a few cottages. The advertisement stated Mr Llewellyn Elias was tenant at the Mitre Inn and the property for sale was said to have ... Read More »

Roath Furnishing Company – Church Street Abertillery

Roath Furnishing Company – Church Street Abertillery. The Roath Furnishing Company based in Cardiff opened a branch of the store at Church Street, Abertillery in August 1903. The company had a head office at 42 Castle Road, Roath, Cardiff and a store at Vere Street, Cardiff. A few years later branches were also opened at High Street, Bargoed and Taff ... Read More »

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