The Abertillery County School Grounds – Roseheyworth Road

The Abertillery County School Grounds – Roseheyworth Road. The County School Grounds were initially fields (as seen left) purchased by the council in 1921 upon which they intended to use as part of their housing scheme. They had been dumping refuse on its northern portion close to where the Millennium School, Roseheyworth Campus is situated today. The tip was halted ... Read More »

Abertillery Art Classes – An Early History

Abertillery Art Classes. The British Schools. In 1887 during the rebuilding of the British Schools boy’s section, Mr Thomas Bevan, headmaster and Mr William Roberts of Nantyglo initially established art lessons. These art lessons became part of the Science and Art Classes and in connection with these classes lectures were given by the county organiser Mr E. Small M.A. and ... Read More »

Aberbeeg School

The Growth of Education in the Valley. It was seen by many who had studied the progress of education that Wales was sorely neglected in the past and that early educational facilities were not afforded to it as they should have been and as it fully deserved. The Welsh nation proved itself the great stumbling block in Wales. The Welsh ... Read More »

Abertillery Intermediate School and Clyn Mawr

Abertillery Intermediate County School – Circa 1905. The image shows the area of Clyn Mawr with the original Abertillery Intermediate County School opened on Wednesday 19th January 1898, extended and reopened on Wednesday 20th December 1911.   Points of Interest – At the bottom are the newly built houses of Glandwr Street. Two blocks of the Wooden Houses (far left) ... Read More »

The Abertillery Intermediate School New Extensions 1911

The Intermediate School New Extension 1911-1980s. On Wednesday 20th December 1911 the new extensions at the Abertillery Intermediate School were opened. The opening ceremony was presided by Alderman Mr W. Thomas J.P. who was presented with a specially inscribed gold key in a leather case for the occasion. Mr Thomas unlocked the door and invited a general inspection of the ... Read More »

Abertillery Intermediate County School – Original Building

Abertillery Intermediate County School. In the early 1890’s the Welsh Education Authorities under the Welsh Intermediate Act of 1889 decided to set up intermediate schools in all areas of Wales which were able to support them. On Thursday 24th February 1892 the need of an intermediate school for Abertillery was first raised. A letter was read from the clerk to ... Read More »

Six Bells Infants School

Six Bells Infants School. Until 1890 the village of Six Bells, Abertillery was sparsely inhabited with just a couple of coal levels and a handful of cottages. The children of the village used to have to travel to schools outside the village such as Abertillery or Aberbeeg. In the late 1880’s the population was growing and when Messrs John Lancaster ... Read More »

Blaenau Gwent Infants School – The Crown

Blaenau Gwent Infants School – The Crown. On Tuesday 8th April 1902 at a monthly meeting of the Aberystruth School Board consisting of the following members – Mr J. P. D Williams (Chairman); Mr R. H. Williams (Vice Chairman); Mr E. J. Williams; Mr T. Drew; Mr C. H. Carter; Mr J. Davies; Rev T. T. Evans; Dr D. C. ... Read More »

The Board Schools Cwmtillery – Cwmtillery Junior Mixed (Cock n Chick School).

The Board Schools Cwmtillery – Cwmtillery Junior Mixed (Cock n Chick School). The Board Schools Cwmtillery – Cwmtillery Junior Mixed (Cock n Chick School) was situated on the eastern side of Mynydd James (Cock n Chick Mountain) on the western side of the Cwmtillery valley, overlooking Penybont. On 14th May 1874 the educational department gave notice to the Aberystruth School ... Read More »

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