An Old Circular Bird Trap

An Old Circular Bird Trap. Made from Iron and Brass. Size 7″. This type of trap was place on top of a fence post to catch birds when they came down to land. This type had a few different sizes, the smallest and most valuable being the 3″ inch version.   Read More »

Old Beaver Trap (American)

Old Beaver Trap (American). Made by Lamb & Co U.S.A. Made from Iron. Size 7″. This is the double spring type with the original chain, tags and grappel hook. The hook was used to stop the captured animals from getting away. If they tried to escape the hook would trail behind and get caught in the ground.   Read More »

Old Mole Trap (British)

Old Mole Trap (British). Made from Iron. Size 8″. To use this mole trap you would locate the active tunnel between two hills/mounds, dig a small hole as deep as the tunnel and place the trap (fully open) between the tunnel openings, when the mole comes through it would dislodge the trigger that holds the jaws open and clamp shut ... Read More »

Half Round Bird Trap

Half Round Bird Trap. Made from Iron. Size 8″. This type of trap was used to catch the birds alive. It used to have a cotton mesh attached to the jaws. It would be opened out to a complete circle, locked in place with a clip, when the bird came in to eat the bait it would release the clip ... Read More »

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