Public Houses, Inns and Clubs

Public Houses and Clubs in the Abertillery District (Past & Present)

Public House, Inn and Hotel facilities in Abertillery. Here is a list of such places that were in the area over the years gone by. I compiled the list from official sources and with the help of Mr Bryan Boots. There will undoubtedly be more yet to be found. The individual licenced premises featured on the following pages in this ... Read More »

The Castle Inn – Abertillery

The Castle Inn – Abertillery. It was reported that the Castle Inn, Castle Street, Abertillery (as seen mid-centerĀ in the main featured image above) had its first lease as a public house in 1842. The Castle Inn was situated on the junction of Hill Street and Castle Street opposite where the entrance into Tesco Supermarket is today. The Castle Inn or ... Read More »

Cwmtillery Welfare Club – Penybont

Cwmtillery Welfare Club – Penybont. The Cwmtillery Welfare Club situated at Penybont Tip was a club established for the workmen of the Abertillery New Mine, Cwmtillery Section. The building (as seen in the centerĀ of the main featured image above) was originally a stables and granary and later a laboratory for the colliery, it stood on two and a half acres ... Read More »

The Forge Hammer Inn – Abertillery

The Forge Hammer Inn – Abertillery. The Forge Hammer Inn was situated on Hill Street, Abertillery. The inn was owned by Mr William Webb, of Aberbeeg Brewery. The early censuses show it was between Middleton’s Row and Lewis James Houses, close to the Western Valley Terrace and Castle Street although since then the street names have been altered. The 1891 ... Read More »

The British Legion Club – Abertillery

The Abertillery British Legion Club. The British Legion at Abertillery were originally known as the Abertillery branch of the Welsh National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers Association or D.D.S.S. for short. They formed the association at Abertillery after the Great War 1914-1918 and held their meetings at the Palace Cinema, Carmel Street, Abertillery. In 1919 the D.D.S.S., ... Read More »

The Railway Inn – Abertillery

Railway Inn, Abertillery. Mr Thomas Jones. In the 1860’s Mr Thomas Jones was reported as being the landlord at the Railway Inn, Abertillery. Mr Jones went bankrupt in January 1869. Mr Alfred James. During the early 1870’s Mr Alfred James was listed as landlord at the Railway Inn, Abertillery, although in July 1877 Mr Alfred James transferred the license to ... Read More »

The Bell Inn – Abertillery

The Bell Inn – Abertillery. During the late 1860’s the Bell Inn, Abertillery was constructed, it was situated at Market Street. I am not sure if the inn originally extended down through to Somerset Street at this time though it later did with entrances top and bottom, both areas were known as the Top Bell or Bell Tap and the ... Read More »

The Old Tyleryans Club – Abertillery

The Old Tyleryan’s Club – Abertillery. In December 1938, at an annual dance held at the Drill Hall, Abertillery, it was suggested by the Old Tyleryan’s Association that they were looking for a place as a new club, a place that they could have as their own to hold functions. They had in the past been holding meetings and functions ... Read More »

The Lamb Inn – Abertillery

The Lamb Inn – Abertillery. Mr George Gregory. The first mention of the Lamb Inn, Abertillery was its entry in the 1871 census. Mr George Gregory was listed as a coalminer and also innkeeper of the Lamb Inn, Abertillery. Mr George Gregory was the eldest son of Mr Moses Gregory and Mrs Ann Gregory, old inhabitants of Abertillery originally from ... Read More »

The Colliers Arms – Abertillery

The Colliers Arms – Abertillery. Mr Richard Middleton. The first mention of the Colliers Arms, Abertillery was in the 1860’s when Mr Richard Middleton was reported as being the owner, Mr Middleton was also a contractor. On the 1861 census Mr Richard Middleton lived at the Colliers Arms, Abertillery with his family – Mr John Middleton, brother, born in 1822 ... Read More »

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