Aberbeeg and Cwm Collieries

Llandavel Colliery Cwm Valley

The Llandavel Colliery Cwm Valley. The Llandavel Colliery was a coal level and was mentioned in a report from April 1865 and being owned by Mr John Russell. The Village. The workman’s cottages at Llandavel, Cwm were built about 1873. The Monmouthshire & Cwm Collieries Co. In 1880 the Llandavel Colliery was listed as being owned by the Monmouthshire & ... Read More »

Graig Fawr Colliery

Graig Fawr Colliery. The Graig Fawr Colliery was located on the western side of the Cwm Valley (as seen circled on the map) just south of Llandaval Village. The Graig Fawr Colliery was not marked on the 1880 maps and only appeared on the 1901 ordnance survey maps, so must have been sunk between those years. on the 1880 maps ... Read More »

Aberbeeg Colliery (North)

Aberbeeg Colliery (North) The Aberbeeg Colliery Company – Messrs William Webb, Thomas Spittle and James Patrick. Aberbeeg Colliery (North) was located on the banks of the river Ebbw Fawr in the Cwm Valley, not far from the Hanbury Hotel, close to where the Fly-Over Garage is today (as seen middle left in the image above). In 1860 the Aberbeeg Colliery ... Read More »

The New Colliery – Aberbeeg

The New Colliery – Aberbeeg. In 1918 the Messrs J. Lancaster & Co planned to sink a new colliery in the Cwm Valley at Aberbeeg. Arrangements were made with the Great Western Railway to install railway sidings branching off the main line from Aberbeeg to Cwm. In 1919 it was still in the planning procedure but owing to the uncertainty ... Read More »

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