History of the Gwent Collieries

Llanhilleth Collieries – A Brief History

Llanhilleth Collieries – A Brief History. Mr Reginald James Blewitt M.P. In 1846-1847 Mr Reginald James Blewitt opened the Old Llanhilleth Colliery situated on the eastern side of the valley at Llanhilleth, a report of which can be seen in the 1849 article (left) from the Monmouthshire Merlin newspaper. Under the direction of Mr Blewitt, a shaft 180′ feet in ... Read More »

Llanhilleth Collieries – Proprietors

Llanhilleth Collieries – Proprietors. Mr Reginald James Blewitt Esq. Mr Reginald James Blewitt was born in 1799, though sadly not a lot is known about his early life! The Monmouthshire Merlin Newspaper. In 1829 Mr Reginald James Blewitt went into partnership with Mr Charles Hough and set up the newspaper printing company the Monmouthshire Merlin. In 1831 Reginald James Blewitt ... Read More »

Llanhilleth Colliery – List of Fatalities

Llanhilleth Colliery Fatalities. This list of deaths at the Llanhilleth Colliery, covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers and Ancestry files. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received. Entries with an asterisk* after the name signify that the name and date was taken from Ancestry or another source and cannot be ... Read More »

The Llanhilleth Institute

The Llanhilleth Institute History. In 1897 Mr Edward Jones (Colliery Company Partner) had previously been approached on establishing an institute or reading library at Llanhilleth, Mr Jones initially provided a small building as a library reading room and a room for billiards, he promised that if an institute was constructed in the area, his colliery company would contribute toward such ... Read More »

Mr William Bailey Partridge of Partridge, Jones & Co 1839-1909

Mr William Bailey Partridge 1839-1909. Mr William Bailey Partridge was born in 1839, a native of Beaufort, he was the grandson of Mr James Partridge of Stratford St Mary and Holton St Mary who married Elizabeth, the sister of Sir Joseph Bailey M.P., first baronet of Glanusk Park and grandfather of the first Lord Glanusk, was the third son of ... Read More »

Mr Edward Jones of Partridge Jones & Co 1836-1903

Mr Edward Jones of Partridge Jones & Co 1836-1903. Mr Edward Jones was born on Sunday 4th of December 1836, at Talybont, Breconshire. His father was Mr W. Jones, a farmer and maltster of Talybont. He attended Abergavenny Grammar School and the Priory, a private school there and went on to become a mining pupil at Beaufort where he became ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery

The Marine Colliery Cwm. The sinking of this colliery, originally known as the Graig Fawr Colliery, began in 1889 by the Ebbw Vale Company.  The Opening of the Colliery. It was completed by Friday 3rd of June 1892 and was reported as being christened on this date. The report stated, “The colliery had been known as the Graig Fawr through ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths. The Official Opening. On Saturday 4th of November 1933, the Marine Colliery Pithead Baths were officially opened. The opening ceremony was presided over by Sir John Beynon Bart C.B.E., the chairman of the directors of the Ebbw Vale Company with Sir J. Lowes Dickinson and Mr E. J. Gay the manager of the colliery and ... Read More »

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths – Opening Ceremonial Plaque

The Marine Colliery Pithead Baths – Opening Ceremonial Plaque. The original opening ceremonial Pithead Baths Plaque. Made from a copper alloy with white lettering inlay. Size of the plaque is 18″ x 24″ inches. Size with the mount is 24″ x 30″ inches. Weight of the plaque is 9kgs, with mount it is 13.7kgs. The Official Opening. On Saturday 4th ... Read More »

Waun Llwyd Colliery Pithead Baths Opening Booklet

Waun Llwyd Colliery Pithead Baths Opening Booklet. This booklet was printed by the Western Mail and Echo Ltd, Cardiff. It was to commemorate the official opening of the Waun Llwyd Colliery Pithead Baths in October 1933. The booklet is made from card and gloss paper. It has 24 pages of information and photographs. Size 8″ x 6″ inches. The Waun ... Read More »

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