History of the Gwent Collieries

Miners Federation Union Contribution Card – Blaina

Miners Federation Union Card – Blaina. This is a Miners Federation Union Contribution Card from the Lower Deep Colliery Lodge at Blaina, Monmouthshire. The card belonged to Mr William Drew.  The first rubber stamp is dated 18th November 1922 at the Lower Deep Colliery, Blaina and the last stamp in the book is dated 8th November 1924 at the Beynons ... Read More »

The Lower Deep Colliery

The Lower Deep Colliery. Originally one of two collieries situated close to Cwmcelyn, Blaina, the other being the Upper Deep Colliery both owned by the Nantyglo Iron and Coal Company. Blaina Iron and Coal Company. In July 1869 the Blaina Iron and Coal Company was formed and leased the Blaina Iron Works. Mr James Clarke was the general manager Nantyglo ... Read More »

Lower Deep Colliery – List of Fatalities

Lower Deep Colliery – List of Fatalities. This list of deaths at the Lower Deep Colliery, Blaina covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received. 1875. Mr Alfred Hole, aged . Died – Tuesday 21st September 1875. Cause of death – Mr Alfred Hole was ... Read More »

Henwain Colliery

Henwain Colliery. The name of the colliery was Henwain (English) or Henwaun (Welsh). There were two shafts on the site of the colliery. One winding shaft and one ventilation shaft. (The ventilation shaft topped with a chimney stack can be seen on the image above far right). Messrs J. & C. Bailey. The colliery was located on the eastern side ... Read More »

The J. Lancaster Company Offices – Blaina

The J. Lancaster Company Offices Blaina. The John Lancaster Company General Offices at Blaina owned by the John Lancaster Co used as the company’s general offices. The Ebbw Vale Company. In 1915 the Ebbw Vale Company took over the lease of the collieries of the J. Lancaster Company. The Move to Cwmtillery. In December 1922 the Ebbw Vale Company moved ... Read More »

North Griffin Colliery – Bailey’s Pit, Blaina

North Griffin Colliery – Bailey’s Pit, Blaina. The Griffin Colliery was locally known as Bailey’s Pit and was along with all the deep mines in the area originally a water balance pit. The colliery was situated just north of Inkerman Row, West Side, Blaina. The colliery is shown on the section of the Messrs J. & C. Bailey brothers sales ... Read More »

Celynen South Colliery

Celynen South Colliery. The South Celynen Colliery originally known as just the Celynen Colliery was sunk by The Newport Abercarn Black Vein Steam Coal Company Limited. The company was started on the 17th February 1873 when communications between Mr John Cory, Mr Richard Cory Jnr, Mr Thomas Beynon and Theophilus John Beynon (trading under the name or firm of T. ... Read More »

The Vivian Colliery – A Brief History

The Vivian Colliery a Brief History. The Sinking of the Vivian and the Gray Collieries 1889. The Vivian and the Gray Collieries were sunk at the same time under the directorship of the owners Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Company. Tenders were invited for the sinking in January 1889. The Cutting of the Sod Ceremony. On Tuesday 19th February 1889 the ... Read More »

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