A Chinese Neolithic Stone Celt

A Chinese Neolithic Stone Celt. This type of stone celt would have been bound tightly to the end of a stick and used for digging purposes. Seen (left) is a view of the underside of the celt which is slightly concave. Made from stone. Size 7″ x 3″ x 2″ inches. Dated 6,000 – 2,000 BC.  Read More »

Chinese Neolithic Slate Knife

Chinese Neolithic Slate Knife. Made from slate. Size 4″ x 2″ inches. Dated 6,000 – 2,000 BC. This slate knife has a hole drilled through it for a cord to be placed, to be able to be hung around the neck.   Read More »

Bone Arrowhead Points

Bone Arrowheads. These three bone arrowhead points were found in China. Made from bone. Size 4″ inches. Date unknown. Read More »

Three Neolithic Stone Arrowhead Points

Neolithic Stone Arrowhead Points. These three neolithic stone arrowhead points were found in Afghanistan. Made from stone and chert like material. Size 1 1/2″ inches. Dated 10,000 – 2,000 BC. Read More »

Asian Bone Beads

Asian Bone Beads.  A selection of bone beads found in Asia, recently re-strung. Made from bone. Size average 1/2″ inches. Date unknown. Read More »

Indus Valley Terrcotta Mehrgarh Female Idol

Indus Valley Terracotta Mehrgarh Female Idol. This small clay idol was part of a much larger figure though had been broken off and parted from the legs and has also lost its arms in antiquity. Found in the Indus Valley, Pakistan.  Made from clay. Size 2 3/4″ inches. Dated 2,500 BC. Read More »

Chinese Glazed Earthenware Stands

Chinese Glazed Earthenware Stands. Two small Chinese Ming Dynasty era earthenware glazed stands? A close-up of the one can be seen (left). Made from clay. Size 2″ x 3 1/4″ inches. Dated 1,400 – 1,600 AD. Read More »

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