A Garforth Rubber Gas Testing Bulb

A Garforth Rubber Gas Testing Bulb.
A Garforth rubber gas testing bulb.

Made from rubber and plastic. Size 7″ x 3″ inches.

There were two different coloured versions of this bulb produced, the common orange coloured and the more rarer black coloured version. 

This bulb has the deputy’s stick attachment and string line release lever. Used by deflating the bulb, closing the air inlet lever and placing the appliance on the end of the deputy’s yard stick. Raise the stick up into the area of the roof where gas may be suspected, pull the string to open the lever inlet and as the bulb inflates any gas will be drawn into the bulb. The bulb is then inserted into the side of a Garforth Lamp, squeezed slowly and any gas shows up with the altering shape and colour on the flame of the lamp.  The deputy will take action to ventilate any gaseous areas.

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