A Miners First-Aid Tin

A Miners First-Aid Tin

A Miners First-Aid Tin.
A miners first-aid tin and original padlock & key, from Fife, Scotland.

Made from tin. SizeĀ  6″ x 5″ x 2 1/2″ inches.

This first-aid tin has some of its original contents, 2 large plain bandage, 2 medium bandages, 1 small plain bandage, 2 roll bandages, 2 finger bandages made by Paragon Brand. Mines Department Coal Mines General Regulations, First-Aid act 1930. 1 Iodine ampule made by Cuxsen Gerrard & Co Oldbury.

It has a carrying handle and has belt hoops at the back (as seen in the image left).

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