A Miners Pull Lifts

A Miners Pull Lifts

A Miners Pull Lifts.
This is what was known as a pull-lifts. A ratcheted hook and chain lifting device.

Made from iron. Size 31″ x 5″ inches.

Used underground to lift or pull heavy objects. Apart from being used by many occupations below ground you would always have to have a set of pull-lifts on your journey of supplies before you set off, if a dram came off road in low places where jumpers wouldn’t work you would rely on the pull-lifts to lift and pull the drams back on road.

The items a journeyman should or had to carry while taking the drams of supplies in were –  Pull-lifts, toggle load-binders, a sledge hammer, a pair of off-road rail jumpers, sprags, a two foot garw stick and a bar-hook.

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