Pit Head Baths – P.H.B. Soap Box

Pit Head Baths – P.H.B. Soap Box

Pit Head Baths – P.H.B. Soap Box.
A pithead baths – P.H.B. soap box. This box still has some of the original inner dividers. The box held seventy-two bars of soap (as seen left) unwrapped.

Made from cardboard. Size 12″ x 10″ x 8″ inches.

The National Coal Board supplied the bars of Colgate Palmolive Soap to the colliery canteens for the miners to purchase. These bars had the initials P.H.B. impressed into the soap and the bars came in three different colours РGreen, white and pink, the green being the most used and common. 

The Colgate Palmolive company also produced a shampoo to be used in conjunction with the soap at the baths, the shampoo came in a plastic conical shaped bottle and they came in a two different coloured bottles – Green and pink, again the green being the more commonly supplied.

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