A UK Miners Carbide Lamp

A UK Miners Carbide Lamp.
A miners carbide lamp with an aluminium reflector and black rubber base protector. This lamp has a flint igniter attached to the reflector. Made by “Premier” British Made.

Made from brass, aluminium and rubber. Size 4 1/2″ x 2″ inches.

These lamps had a separate top and bottom reservoir connected by a small hollow tube, the bottom tank was filled with the powder carbide and the top tank contained water. The water would slowly drip through the tube carefully controlled with a small screw adjuster and mix with the carbide. On contact with the water the carbide would give off an inflammable gas which was lighted by a spark wheel attached to the reflector, this flame would give off a bright light to work by underground. Used around the 1940’s 1950’s.

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