A Victor Lamp

A Victor Lamp

A Victor Lamp
This Victor Lamp L-406 was found locally and was used underground in one of the Abertillery Coalmines.

Made from iron and a soft metal alloy and glass. Size 14″ inches x 8″ inches. Weight 7.6kgs. This lamp would have been used in the 1960’s and 1970’s and placed on most conveyor belt transfer points etc. The lamp still has its ring bracket to attach it to a ring roof support underground.

The bulb (as seen left) which is of the bayonet fitting type is intact and was made by the Atlas Lighting Company, it also has N.C.B. printed into the glass, not sure if it was especially produced for the National Coal Board.

Victor Products Ltd was founded in 1929 and is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north east of England. Victor Products Ltd manufacture an extensive range of explosion protected electrical connectors and lighting primarily for the underground coal mining industry.

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