Abertillery Bowls Club

Abertillery Bowls Club

Abertillery Bowls Club.
The Official Opening.
On Thursday June 8th 1911 the Abertillery Bowling Green was opened. The size of the bowling green was 40 yards square and situated at the southern end of the football enclosure. Arrangements had been made for a team from Newport to come and open the new green though they cancelled at the last moment. The official opening was presided over by Mr Theo Jones the chairman of the Parks Committee. Mr Jones bowled the first bowl and declared the Abertillery Bowling Green open on behalf of the Abertillery District Council and the inhabitants of the town.  

Those present at the opening were – Mr Theo Jones; Mr T. H. Prichard J.P. (Chairman of the Council); Mr E. James Williams; Mr G. Jones; Mr J. T. Boots; Mr M. Roach; Mr J. Phillips; Mr G. Rogers; Mr L. Lewis (Surveyor); Dr Weaver (Medical Officer); Mr D. Edwards (Collector); M r L. Langford (Gas Manager); Mr A. W. Smith (Building Inspector); Mr A. Tilney; Mr J. T. Leech; Mr H. Evans; Mr  Moxley; Mr J. Warren (Treharris); Mr R. J. Ayers; Mr W. H. Hiley; Mr Harry Jones and Mr Dan Jones:

On Thursday 9th May 1912 the Abertillery Bowling Club was formed.
On Thursday 9th May 1912 the newly formed Abertillery Bowling Club held a meeting at the Church Schoolroom, kindly lent by Rev H. S. Rees. The meeting was convened for the purpose of electing a captain and also the passing of rules governing the club. Mr R. J. Edwards was unanimously elected as (Captain) who appointed Mr E. Williams has (Deputy). Mr G. A. Carter (Secretary); Mr E. Jones (Hon President): Mr J. E. Flowers presided and welcomed any new members.

The Subsidence and Repairs.
In the mid 1920’s it had been severely affected by subsidence and had to be repaired, levelled and relaid.

The Reopening Ceremony.
On Monday 2nd May 1927 the old Abertillery Bowling Green was officially re-opened.  In the afternoon the formal ceremony was made by Mr S. Pask J.P. (Chairman of the Council).

Those present were as follows – Mr J. Carter; Mr H. T. Spencer; Mr W. Waters (Secretary of the Bowls Club); Mr A. Gordon Jones (Surveyor) and Mr S. M. Ash: Tea and refreshments were provided by the following ladies – Mrs S. M. Ash; Mrs T. B. Smith; Mrs W. Waters; Mrs W. Gough; Mrs C. Paul; Mrs W. Spencer; Mrs W. Williams; Mrs W. Bevan and Miss D. Waters:

(More information to come).

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