Abertillery Undertakers

Abertillery Undertakers.
Mr George Down.
The earliest recorded undertakers and funeral directors I can find resident in Abertillery was Mr George Down of 39 King Street Abertillery. He was in Abertillery in the 1860’s though I am unsure of where his premises were at this early time? Mr Down was an old resident of Abertillery and was an undertaker until 1902 at which time he passed away and his son Mr John Down took over the business.

Mr Charles Tovey.
During the 1880’s Mr Charles Tovey was undertaker and funeral carriage proprietor. He was registered as being at 15 Church Street, though I have seen him listed as also in 30 Church Street, Abertillery. One of those premises was close to the Trinity Chapel in Church Street at the bottom of the Foundry Bridge.

Mr Arthur Holer.
In the 1880’s Mr Arthur Horler 35 Hill Street, Abertillery was an undertaker at Abertillery. 
Mr Horler’s undertakers premises were opposite the Salvation Army Hall, on the junction of Queen Street. This is now the premises of the Chapel of Ease and the Co-operative Funeral Services.

Mr John Down.
In 1902 Mr J. Down 39 King Street, Abertillery. was undertaker, Mr John Down took over from his late father in 1902.

Mr J. T. Morgan.
In 1902 Mr J. T. Morgan of 8 Argyle Street, Abertillery and 29 King Street, Nantyglo.

Mr D. Morgan.
In 1904 Mr M. D. Morgan 35 Oak Street, Abertillery.

Mr E. J. Collier.
In 1910 Mr E. J. Collier of 21 Princess Street, Abertillery. was undertaker in the town.

Mr Collier later had an ironmongery business and traded from 6 Portland Street and at Alexandra Road, Six Bells in 1915.

Mr R. Thomas.
In 1910 Mr R. Thomas of 23 Queen Street, Abertillery was resident undertaker (as seen in the advertisement right).

Messrs J. Down & Nephew.
In 1921 Messrs J. Down & Nephew of 25 Alexandra Road, Six Bells was undertaker. Mr M. Watkins was Mr Downs’ nephew and when he took over the partnership in 1921 the firm was named as “J. Down & Nephew” on all correspondence.

In 1930 Messrs J. Down & Nephew had moved to a new address at 83 Alexandra Road, Six Bells.

Mr G. Fairclough.
In 1931 Mr G. Fairclough appeared at 17 High Street and in 1933 also traded from 63 Alexandra Road, Six Bells, Abertillery.

Mr H. Ellis Williams.
In 1938 Mr H. Ellis Williams & Son set up a branch at 26 Church Street, Abertillery. He took over from the late Mr John Down. Mr H. E. Williams was originally established in Newbridge in 1860 and and this point had been in business for over 78 years.

Mr Collier Elton.
Later Mr Collier Elton set up business in Abertillery?

The advertisement (as seen right) Mr George A. Fairclough Funeral Director is from 1957.

(More information to come)

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