Blaina Collieries

Blaina Collieries

The Stones Colliery.
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The Upper Deep Colliery – Cwmcelyn Blaina.
This Colliery was located in the Cwmcelyn area and may have been opened by Levick & Simpson. In 1864 a coal cutter was invented by Levick and Jones of Cwmcelyn and exhibited in the Paris Exhibition. Mr James Brown, Mr Thomas Brown also had connections to this colliery. Opened in about 1855 and later owned by Messrs J. Lancaster Co.

The Globe Pit.
One of the Earliest Collieries in the Area, more than probably opened by the Messrs Bailey Bros to feed the Blaina Iron Works. The shaft was directly behind the Market Hall.
In 1936 a team of miners driving a heading at the Beynons Colliery struck the old workings of the Globe Pit and found an old Dram from that colliery.

The Lower Deep Colliery.
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The North Griffin No1 Colliery.
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The Cinder Pit.
In 1873 the Cinder Pit was sunk, it was situated in the Blaina valley just a little North of the Iron Works.

In 1893 the Colliery was closed and all the stock (live stock and dead stock) was sold off at the Pentwyn Farm by the Pit Contractor Mr Thomas Lewis.

In 1907 the large wooden head frame was dismantled, as the frame was being taken apart by Mr Charles Webber a Carpenter working on the demolition team one of the uprights fell and struck him, he was taken home but sadly died of his injuries a few days later.

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