Abertillery Metropole Theatre Autograph Book 1913-1922

Hilda Glynn

Hilda Glynn. Hilda Glynn (as seen left) appeared at the Metropole Theatre and signed the autograph book on 11th September 1915.            Apart from being a top list actress Hilda Glynn was also an accomplished snooker player. The newspaper clipping (as seen right) is from the Birmingham Daily Gazette.              (More ... Read More »

The Belle of New York

The Belle of New York. Four female members of the “Belle of New York” cast – ? Evelyn, Kathlene Maguire, Dorothy Maguire and Estelle Zaradi signed in at Mrs Willis’s boarding house at Abertillery while appearing at the Metropole Theatre. Sadly no date written. (More information to come).  Read More »

Bertram Gates

Bertram Gates. Bertram Gates left his message and signature in October 1922. Mr Gates had previously lodged at the boarding house whilst appearing at the Metropole Theatre in September 1914. (More information to come). Read More »

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