Local Ephemera

The Drill Hall, Abertillery

The Drill Hall, Abertillery. A receipt for the hire of the Drill Hall at Abertillery on Boxing Day 26th December 1938 for the sum of £3.12s.6d.  Dated 13th January 1939.  Read More »

Gwent Pharmacy, No1 Church Street, Abertillery

Gwent Pharmacy, No1 Church Street, Abertillery. A receipt to the Old Tyleryans Association for medication supplied by Dr R. E. Williams of the Gwent Pharmacy, Chemists and Opticians, Abertillery. Dated 20th July 1939. Read More »

Dolly Protheroe’s Shop, Glandwr Street, Abertillery

Dolly Protheroe’s Shop, Glandwr Street, Abertillery. A bill for goods received from Dolly Protheroe’s Shop Glandwr Street, Abertillery. The Shop was situated at the bottom of Glandwr Street, on the left hand side adjacent to No.1 Glandwr Street. Dated 1950’s. Read More »

Cruttwell and Allies & Co

Cruttwell and Allies & Co – Cwm Celyn and Blaina Iron Works. A letter envelope to Messrs Cruttwell, Allies & Co, Cwm Celyn and Blaina Works, near Newport, Monmouthshire. Dated February 1853. Folded size – 5″ x 3″ inches. In the 1850’s Mr Frederick Levick was in partnership with Mr George Shaw Munn; Mr Robert Cruttwell; Mr Robert Allies; Mr ... Read More »

Abertillery County School

Abertillery County School. A receipt for the purchase of 27 volumes of Punch magazine. Payment of £5. 5s 0d., sent by cheque from Mr Arthur Gait, Clerk to the Governors. Dated 9th November 1943. Read More »

Bon Marche Abertillery

Bon Marche Abertillery. A receipt for insurance cover on a 17″ television from the Bon Marche Store. Dated 1st July 1961. Read More »

Abertillery Tennis Club

Abertillery Tennis Club. A receipt for the Abertillery Tennis Club from the Newport and District Lawn Tennis League, for the sum of 12 shillings and 6 pence. Dated 27th April 1931.   Read More »

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