Circus Entertainment in the Valley

Circus Entertainment in the Valley

Circus Entertainment in the Valley.
In 1859 the Sangers Circus came to Brynmawr, the earliest known visit to the valley’s by a circus.

Mr A. Frost.
In May 1889 Mr A Frost, a circus acrobat announced that he would go 1,000 feet up in the air over Blaina hanging onto the tail of a balloon, then would attempt to fall to the ground and land on his feet unscathed!…The crowd became angry when after hundreds had flocked to see him perform the stunt, he called it off at the last minute owing to the wind being in the wrong direction.

Scott’s Circus.
One of the first circus’s reported to come to Abertillery was Messrs Scotts Circus, it came to Abertillery on the Monday July 28th 1890. More than probably at Tilney’s Ground. There is no information on the acts that performed.

In 1892 the Buffalo Bill Show promised to come to the western valley’s but didn’t turn up, “Barnum and Bailey” said their tour of Britain was fully booked and had to decline a request to visit these parts.

Bostocks Menagerie.
In 1893 the Bostock’s Excelsior Menagerie toured the valley’s and came to Abertillery on Saturday 25th March, the company bought with them the Russian giantess and the American Midgets…..At this time E. H. Bostock also had in his menagerie the following – Birds, Beasts, Reptiles, Lion tamers, Clown Lion named “Joey”, Sea-Lions, a Polar Bear, a Boxing Kangaroo and Herr Dobler a slight-of-hand illusionist.

Miss Lily Robinson.
On Saturday 25th March 1893 Miss Lily Robinson one of the American Midget performers of the Bostock’s Menagerie sadly passed away at 21 years of age while performing at Abertillery. Miss Robinson who was described as being only 3′ foot 2″ inches in height was taken seriously ill on the Saturday night and was attended to by Dr Sargent, accompanied by Dr McPhee. The both doctors seemed unable to make a diagnosis and called for Dr Bevan of Nantyglo and Blaina, though despite their attention she passed away a few hours later. Miss Lily Robinson was buried in the cemetery at Blaenau Gwent Baptist Chapel on the following Tuesday the 28th March 1893.

The Great American Circus.
In 1894 the Great American Circus came to Abertillery at Tilney’s Ground. Artistes included John David Cooke, the World Champion Jockey.

Sangers Circus.
In May 1894 Sanger’s Circus came to Brynmawr and drew enormous crowds, over 30 yards of elevated seating area collapsed and during the performance and there were many injuries though none serious. The crowds were estimated to be close to 8,000.

Fossett’s Circus.
On Easter Monday 1898, the Robert Fossett & Sons Grand Circus came to Abertillery. Mr R. Fossett Snr was a Champion Rider, Mr R. Fossett Jnr was also a Champion Rider (They came with a £1,000. wager that no other man can better him in his acrobatic riding), Thomas Fossett, Champion fast Rider with Miss Mary and Miss Emma Fossett, both horse riders with a stud of over 100 horses.

Also featuring Monsieur Davalo the “Boneless Wonder”, he can dislocate his neck (a mystery to the medical profession) “The Two Rennies” a High-Wire act and “Young Johnny”, a midget who rides midget horses.

Lord George Sangers Circus.
In June 1899 Lord George Sanger’s Circus came to Abertillery for one day only, it featured the military spectacle entitled “With Kitchener To Khartoum”, a show to commemorate the recent British victories in the Nile.

The Escaped Wolves.
It was at this show in Abertillery that two wolves had escaped from their cage, one was captured at Brynteg, Blaenau Gwent area by the circus lion-tamer who had lassoed it during the night, while bringing the animal back to its cage one wolf attacked and bit the tamer on the leg. A few days later a Swffryd Farmer by the name of Mr Boothman shot a wolf that was pestering his sheep. It was later described as being the wolf that had recently escaped at Abertillery.  

Lord George Sanger’s Circus.
In 1901 Lord George Sanger’s Circus came to Abertillery again, featuring  Spanish Bull-Fights, a re-enactment of the Great War in South Africa, with Zulus, Kaffir’s, and Matabeles etc. One day only.

The Colossal Circus.
In 1902 the Colossal Circus visited Abertillery, featuring Trick Riders, Jumping Dogs, performing Elephants and Lions. Trick bicyclists on a miniature track, Charles Raymond the One Legged Comedian and a Fire Horse called “Vanity”..

Lord George Sanger’s Circus.
On April 12th 1902 Sanger’s circus once again visited Abertillery and held a special football match between the Abertillery XV’s top player Mr Phillip George and an Elephant, they had 3 kicks each into a goal. Mr George came away as winner with the prize of a Silver Cup.

Bostock and Wombwell.
On Saturday 4th April 1903 Messrs Bostock and Wombwell came to Abertillery with their show “The Largest Travelling Zoo On Earth” reported as being a “Gigantic Zoological Collection” the travellers set up on Tilney’s Ground, Abertillery, the show featured “Linus” a Double-Maned Horse with two 13′ foot long manes and with a 17′ foot long tail. Also on show were gigantic and midget Horses and Donkey’s. Admission was 1s. children 6d. The shows Manager was Mr H. F. Birkett.

George Sanger’s Circus.
On Wednesday 15th July 1903 George Sanger’s Circus once again visited Abertillery, this time the main attraction was General Frederick Toronto (as seen on the advertisement right) the great pioneer of Canada and his renowned Warrior Cowboys and Bronco Horses.

Fossett’s Circus.
In 1904 Mr Robert Fossett & Sons visited again with their “Monster Circus”. It was advertised as the “Largest Travelling Show On Earth”, fully powered by electricity, It featured Mr R. Fossett and his ongoing £1,000 wager on who can better his daredevil riding, also “Topsy” the worlds largest Elephant. They had a cavalcade through Abertillery Town and the show featured High-Wire acts, Acrobats, Jugglers and Riders.

The Prince Of Wales Circus.
In May 1904 the Prince Of Wales Circus visited Abertillery and featured the Brothers, Robert, James and Willie, the Champion Jockey Riders.

Bostock & Wombwell’s Circus.
In 1905 Messrs Bostock & Wombwell’s (1805-1905) “Centenary Show” came to Abertillery. The show featured Lions, Tigers, Bears and Hyenas. It was held on Tilney’s Ground, Abertillery.

The Alexandra’s Circus.
On Wednesday 7th March 1906 the Alexandra’s Circus visited Abertillery on the Gas Works field, it featured “The Devils Wheel” looping a revolving wheel on an ordinary cycle, performed by the Dare-Devil Diabelo, The Kamari Troupe, 3 Stebbings 3. Also featuring Frank Stephenson, a Jockey act Rider and the Double Band. There were two performances daily – 2.30pm and 7.45pm. Prices of admission were 3s. 2s. 1s. and 6d. School children were admitted in the afternoon for two-pence to the gallery. It was at this performance that the Big-Top collapsed trapping over 500 people and killing one boy from Abertillery. It was said a storm had occurred that night and a huge gust of wind blew the tent down causing havoc.

The Alexandra’s Circus Tragedy.
The circus had arrived from Brynmawr on the morning of the 7th March and the Big-Top was erected. In the afternoon over 500 school children were seated around the arena and the performance was about to start when without warning a squall lifted the tent of its fastenings, later the management stated it was a cyclone came through the valley. The Big-Top came crashing down causing mayhem. The children, some with parents were trapped, the circus staff had to cut open the tent in various places to free the spectators, many people were crushed in the ensuing panic.

Master John Trevor James.
A young boy Master John Trevor James, aged 9 years old residing with his parents at No34 Duke Street, Abertillery was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the house of Mr Ralph at the Station Approach (young John James’ home at Duke Street being too far to carry him). On examination Dr Rocyn Jones found the boy had received a fractured skull, he passed away a few hours later without regaining consciousness.

Dr Jones also attended to a young boy by the name of Carter of No19 Castle Street, Abertillery. He had suffered serious injuries to his ribs and spine and there was little hope of his recovery and a young boy named Boycott of Lower Princess Street, Abertillery who sustained a serious scalp wound also a young boy called Rudge of No18 Blaenau Gwent Rows, Abertillery who received internal injuries, though not serious at that time. All the casualties had been struck by the tent poles, 32′ feet in height and 10″ inches in diameter. Dr Rocyn Jones and Dr McInerney also attended to several other cases.

Sedgwicks Great Yankee Menagerie.
In June 1906 the Sedgwicks “Great Yankee Menagerie” visited Abertillery. There is not a lot of information on the events, it seems to go unreported.

The John Scott Circus.
In 1910 the John Scott Circus came to Abertillery again and the circus was held on the Cwm Hotel Show Ground.

Boswells Circus.
In 1910 Messrs Boswells Circus performed at Abertillery in the Metropole Theatre.

The Australian Circus.
In 1914 the Wild Australian Circus”came to Abertillery Park, featuring Cowboys, Jumping Horses, Aborigines and Kangaroos.

Bostock’s – Royal Italian Circus.
In May 1914 Mr E. H. Bostock came to Blaina with his “Royal Italian Circus” held on the Queens Hotel Meadow, Blaina.

Fossett’s Olympian Circus.
In April 1927 Mr Tom Fossett’s “Olympian Circus” came to Abertillery. The acts included the Performing Monkey’s, Bare Back Riders, Miss Labelle Sylvia (Trapeze Artiste), The 3 Rozellas (a Balancing act), Funny Harry (a Clown), Mascagni & Fantasia (Roman Riders). The Manager was Mr W. Jackson and the Ringmaster was Mr W. Lloyd.

Don Horlini’s Comic Circus.
In October 1931 Don Horlini’s “Comic Circus” performed at the Abertillery Park. The whole show was performed at night under floodlights, it was reported that there was a crowd of over 10,000. It was the first time in the history of the town that floodlights were used. There were six-lights on the grandstand and two-lights on the opposite side, powered individually by dynamo, a reporter was quoted as saying “another 2 lights on the banking and a football match could be have been played at night”….  The show featured a firework display described as being the best of its kind ever seen in Monmouthshire, the display was called “The Wonders of Niagra Falls”.

The Great Risko.
In 1937 at the Aberbeeg Hospital Fete, there was a small circus performing, with the main attraction being an High-Wire Trapeze Artiste by the name of “The Great Risko”.

Ginnett & Fossett’s Circus.
In 1938  Messrs Ginnett and Fossett’s Circus were at Abertillery Park. The circus came to Abertillery on Monday and Tuesday 9th and 10th May 1938 (as seen on the ad left) It featured Franklyn and his group of Animal Actors. A performing Elephant, the grand-daughter of the world renowned “Jumbo”. The Fossett Family of Riders. Clowns, also a Baboon and Dogs.

The Ginnett’s Circus also put on shows at the Queens Hotel Field, Blaina, the Hospital Grounds, Nantyglo, the Fairground, Brynmawr and the Recreation Ground at Ebbw Vale.

The Robert Brothers Circus.
On Monday 29th April 1963 the Robert Brothers Circus came to Abertillery Park.

Cody’s Circus.
In April 1964 Cody’s Circus came to Abertillery and set up at Penybont Tip. The circus held shows on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April 1964.

Big Top Continental Circus.
On Monday 2nd October 1967 the Big Top Continental Circus came to Abertillery Park.

(More information to come)

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