Clyn Mawr Cottages Blaenau Gwent Rows 1880

Clyn Mawr Cottages Blaenau Gwent Rows 1880

The Clyn Mawr Cottages Blaenau Gwent Rows 1880.
An 1880 map of the Clyn Mawr Cottages designed by Mr Lawrence Heyworth of the South Wales Colliery Company.


Points of interest – The map features (top to bottom) Ty-Dan-y-Wal House. The Rising Sun Inn. The Cock n Chick School (built at the same time as the Clyn Mawr Cottages on land owned by the South Wales Colliery Co) officially opened in 1877. Clyn Mawr Uchaf Farm (the uppermost of the three Clyn Mawr farms). Ty Bryn House – The Manse. The Clyn Mawr Cottages – The Rows, also seen is the remains of the incline tramway route leading from the quarry behind the Rising Sun Inn down through the rows.

To the right of the cottages is the Clyn-Mawr Hotel. The Rose Heyworth Cottages also known as the Wooden Houses. To the (lower right of the map) is the Crown Inn, as it was, originally off-set at an angle and further back from the road, twenty years before the modern re-build in 1901. Clyn-Mawr Ganol (middle of the three farms, the Clyn-Mawr Isaf was further down at the bottom of Portland Street out of view). Bottom (left of the map) is Spiders Castle, there was a lot of speculation about this building, though it was situated on the sluices of the tin works feeder and was later no more than a run-down tenement block, demolished when the park and recreational grounds were planned. Harcourt Terrace is now on the site of the Spiders Castle.

To the left of the rows is the area known as Clyn-Mawr, a vast area where Rose Heyworth Housing Estate was later built.

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