Cwm Farm Levels

Cwm Farm Levels

Cwm Farm Levels.
There were a few Levels in this area though I haven’t got any exact locations only maps with very few details. The photograph shows (circled) the areas of the 3 Levels on the map.

Jubilee Level.
Jubilee Level Cwm Farm was on ground owned by the Cwm Estate close to where the Drill Hall is today. In about 1880 the level was owned by Mr W. B. Harrison, St Julians, Abertillery. In 1891 he won a contract to supply the schools in Abertillery and Cwmtillery. The prices of the coal was Abertillery Schools 10s. 9d and Cwmtillery Schools for 11s. 6d. per ton. The price difference must have reflected the delivery distances transport costs.

The entrance to the Jubilee Level I believe was somewhere close to where the junction of Cwm Cottage Road and Earl Street is today, the waste was dumped just close to the entrance and formed tips. These tips were later flattened and spread out to enable the building of the Queen Street School and the forming of the Jubilee Field opposite, (later where the Drill Hall was erected) which later became known as Judd’s Field when the Cwm Hotel was built, (named after the landlord Mr C. J. Judd).

Vivian Trial Level.
This small level was situated a little further South close to where the Vivian St – Alexandra Road junction is today, it was in production before the Vivian Colliery was sunk and later got consumed by the Colliery. The above image shows the level entrance just behind the colliery winding house.

Unknown Trial Level.
On the 1880s maps there was a small unknown level situated directly on the site where the Cwm Hotel was built. It must have closed when the new Hotel was planned and Alexandra Road was excavated and laid in the early 1900s.

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