Gilfach Green Level

Gilfach Green Farm.
Gilfach Green Level was originally part of the Gilfach Green Farm, now called Blaentillery Farm, which in the mid 19th century was said to have been the Hunting Lodge of Crawshay Bailey. At this time the original farm was higher up in the valley and called Blaen-Tilerau. When the Bailey family moved from the Hunting Lodge the owner of Blaen-Tilerau moved down into the old vacant lodge and renamed it Gilfach Green, later Blaentillery Farm as it’s now known.

The Coal Level Workings.
The Gilfach Green Coal Level was down in the valley on the eastern side of the Tillery Brook and driven in and under towards the farm.
The workings were dated 1895 and 1904.

In 1908 it was owned by Lewis Lewis of Blaentillery Farm, Cwmtillery and employed two men below ground. The ring-work at the entrances (as seen in the image left) can still be seen today only bent and twisted out of shape.

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