Llanhilleth Colliery – List of Fatalities

Llanhilleth Colliery Fatalities.
This list of deaths at the Llanhilleth Colliery, covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers and Ancestry files. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received. Entries with an asterisk* after the name signify that the name and date was taken from Ancestry or another source and cannot be verified with a newspaper report.

Master Thomas Gibbs, aged 12. Died – Saturday 5th December 1868. Cause of Death – Run over by a dram. The inquest into his death was held on Saturday 12th December, it stated he was a doorboy at the Llanhilleth Pits. The report was in the Pontypool Free Press newspaper dated Saturday 19th December 1868.

Mr Noah Godfrey Hemmings, aged 18. Died – Wednesday 22nd November 1882. Cause of death – Crushed by railway trucks.

Mr Thomas Burchell*, aged 29. Died – August 1884. Cause of death – No details.

Mr John Albert Cornick, aged …. Died – Monday 22nd October 1894. Cause of death – Heart disease. Mr Cornick was said to have collapsed and died below ground. Mr Cornick was a native of Garnvach.

Mr Griffiths Griffiths, aged 36. Died – Tuesday 22nd September 1896. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Griffiths lived at Cwmffrwdoer.

Mr William Morgan, aged 70. Died – Tuesday 8th November 1898. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Morgan had been seriously injured in the fall on Thursday 20th October 1898 but later died from his injuries on Tuesday 8th November 1898. Mr Morgan had worked underground for sixty-one years.

Master William Leader, aged 13. Died – Friday 20th October 1899. Cause of death – Fall. Master William Leader had been working on the coalface with his uncle, although the place became unsafe and too dangerous for him to work there. He was sent to a much safe place to work with a careful miner called Edmund Jones of Crumlin, however it was at this place that a block of coal weighing ten tons was blown out of place and crushed him.

Mr John Griffiths, aged 23. Died – Friday 14th December 1900. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Griffiths had been severely injured by a roof fall on the previous Tuesday 11th December 1900 while taking a journey of drams into the workplace. He died from his injuries on Saturday 15th December 1900. Mr Griffiths lived at 9 Ebbw View Terrace.

Mr John Evans, aged 34. Died – Saturday 24th November 1900. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Evans lived at 30 Havodycoed Cottages, Llanhilleth.

Mr Daniel James, aged 39. Died – Saturday 15th December 1900. Cause of death – Fall. Mr James’ son was working alongside him at the time of the fall, he was badly injured although he survived. Mr James lived at Havodarthan Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Arthur Thomas Jones, aged 19. Died – Saturday 31st August 1901. Cause of death – Fall. Three men were buried in the fall, Mr Arthur Thomas Jones, the father of the deceased and Mr James Lee. The latter two survived although Mr Jones was found dead.

Mr Henry George Nurden, aged 27. Died – Friday 20th December 1901. Cause of death – Mr Nurden was a hitcher at pit-bottom, while pushing an empty dram off the cage, he was struck on the head by a lump of coal that had fell down the shaft.

Mr Harry Cook, aged 28. Died – Tuesday 30th September 1902. Cause of death – Crushed by a dram.

Mr Herbert Williams, aged 33. Died – Monday 23rd February 1903. Cause of death – Mr Williams received injuries after being crushed by a dram on Thursday 19th February 1903. He had inflammation of the lungs caused by broken ribs and died on Monday 23rd February 1903. The inquest was held on Tuesday 3rd March 1903.

Mr Hopkin Griffiths, aged 69. Died – Friday 11th September 1903. Cause of death – Syncope and Valvular Disease. Mr Griffiths collapsed and died at pit-bottom after working his shift.

Mr Henry Richard Jones, aged 31. Died – Saturday 19th March 1904. Cause of death – Crushed by a coal truck. Mr Jones had been living in lodgings at Hafod-y-coed.

Mr William David John Holland, aged 18. Died – Saturday 14th May 1904. Cause of death – Fall.

Mr David Williams, aged 28. Died – Thursday 11th August 1904. Cause of death – Crushed by a journey of drams. Mr Williams was living at 27 Meadow Street, Llanhilleth.

Mr John Mayo, aged 58. Died – 25th February 1905. Cause of death – Pneumonia and meningitis following severe injuries received after an accident underground on Saturday 18th February 1905. Mr Mayo lived at 26 Meadow Street, Llanhilleth.

Mr Dennis Carroll, aged 31. Died – Friday 17th March 1905. Cause of death – Died after receiving severe injuries from a roof fall which occurred on Friday 10th March 1905, six men with Dennis Carroll were injured in the same fall – Mr George Davies, Mr Thomas Creese, Mr W. Woodward, Mr Edward Whitney, Mr William Lewis and Mr William Tunley.

Mr Albert Greenough, aged 38. Died – Thursday 25th May 1905. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Greenough lived at Penycraig View, Llanhilleth or Aberbeeg?.

Mr Charles Evans, aged 34. Died – Friday 17th November 1905. Cause of death – Crushed by a dram. Mr Evans lived at 7 Victoria Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Master Reginald “Reggie” George Hughes, aged 13. Died – Monday 20th August 1906. Cause of death – Master Hughes was believed to have died after getting tangled in a haulage return wheel. Master Reggie Hughes was the son of P.C. Hughes, police constable at Llanhilleth.

Mr Joseph Preece, aged 43. Died – Friday 21st September 1906. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Preece had lived at 16 Penycraig Terrace, Llanhilleth or Aberbeeg?.

Mr Robert Henry Martin, aged 16. Died – Monday 10th December 1906. Cause of death – Fall of coal underground. Mr Martin lived at Greenfield Terrace, Newbridge.

Mr Jasper Harvey, aged 21. Died – Tuesday 18th December 1906. Cause of death – Mr Harvey was setting a timber prop at the coalface when it sprung out and struck him on the head.

Mr Thomas Ponton, aged ? Died – Thursday 3rd January 1907. Cause of death – Struck on the head by a lump of coal which had fell down the shaft.

Mr William George Morgan, aged 25. Died – Friday 8th March 1907. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Morgan was killed in a fall along with his brother Walter Morgan. Mr Morgan lived at Bryngaer Terrace, Aberbeeg.

Mr Walter Worthy Morgan, aged 20. Died – Friday 8th March 1907. Cause of death – Fall. Mr William Morgan and Mr Walter Morgan were brothers and were both killed under the same roof fall. Mr Walter Morgan died at the colliery while the elder brother Mr William Morgan died at home the same evening. Both men lived at Bryngaer Terrace, Aberbeeg.

Mr Samuel Mills, aged 26. Died – Tuesday 11th June 1907. Cause of death – An injury to the head from a pit-prop. Mr Mills lived in lodgings at 1 Victoria Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Master Gilbert Henry Sims, aged 14. Died – Friday 17th April 1908. Cause of death – Fall from the result of a “blower”. Master Sims was living at Bryngear Terrace, Aberbeeg. He was buried at Brynithel and was amongst first batch of interments at the new cemetery.

Mr William Morgan, aged 24. Died – Thursday 9th July 1908. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Morgan lived at Brooklyn Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr John Jasper Tidley, aged 31. Died – Friday 14th August 1908. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Tidley lived at Prospect Place, Llanhilleth.

Mr William Henry Davies, aged 19. Died – Sunday 15th November 1908. Cause of death – Struck on the head by a wooden prop following a fall of coal. Mr Davies was severely injured in the incident on Saturday 14th November 1908, he was taken to his home where he died the following day Sunday 15th November 1908. Mr Davies lived at 11 Woodland Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Ernest Thomas Arthur Smith, aged 16. Died – Wednesday 10th February 1909. Cause of death – Mr Smith had been seriously injured after a fall of rock on Teusday 9th February and died from the injuries the day after on Wednesday 10th February 1909. Mr Smith lived at Blaencuffin Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr James Davies Morgan, aged 45. Died – Wednesday 12th May 1909. Cause of death – Mr Morgan was run over by a journey of full drams. Mr Morgan lived at Herberts Terrace, Hafodyrynys.

Mr George Henry White, aged 18. Died – Tuesday 4th January 1910. Cause of death – Mr White had been crushed in an accident the previous April 1909 and suffered a fracture to the leg and spinal injuries. He was taken to hospital though was incurable and died Tuesday 4th January 1910. Mr White lived at 3 Glen View, Crumlin.

Mr James Spencer Lewis, aged 16. Died – Wednesday 13th April 1910. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Lewis lived at 60 Hafod-y-coed, Llanhilleth.

Master William Lewis, aged 15. Died – Wednesday 13th April 1910. Cause of death – Fall. William was the son of Mr Joseph Lewis of Hafodycoed, Llanhilleth.

Mr James Gwyne, aged 28. Died – Sunday 9th October 1910. Cause of death – Crushed by a dram after a run-away incident on the previous Friday 7th October 1910. Mr Gwyne was taken to hospital with broken ankles and internal injuries, he died on Sunday 9th October 1910. Mr Gwyne lived at Newbridge.

Mr William Beard, aged 63. Died – Friday 6th January 1911. Cause of death – Crushed by trucks on the surface of the colliery. Mr Beard lived at Andrews Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Thomas Morris, aged 37. Died – Wednesday 2nd August 1911. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Morris lived at 111 Rhiw Terrace, Crumlin.

Mr Henry Nelder, aged 16. Died – Wednesday 31st January 1912. Cause of death – Mr Nelder fell ill after a sprain while working at the colliery on the Tuesday 5th December 1911, he died on Wednesday 31st January 1912.

Mr Edmund James Pritchard, aged 32. Died – Friday 5th September 1913. Cause of death – Mr Pritchard died from injuries received in an accident the previous day. It was not known how he was injured below ground. The inquest heard he had multiple fractures and believed he may have been crushed by a journey of drams although cause of death was proved inconclusive.

Mr William Tippins, aged 53. Died – Monday 25th May 1914. Cause of death – Mr Tippins was repairing a pumping pipe in the shaft, lost his footing and fell a distance of about 36′ feet. Mr Tippins lived at 4 Abercynw Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Charles Morgan, aged 30. Died – Tuesday 10th November 1914. Cause of death – Caught in machinery on the surface of the colliery. Mr Morgan lived at Croespenmaen, Crumlin.

Mr Thomas Hurl, aged 53. Died – Monday 30th April 1917. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Hurl died in a fall that buried three men, killing two (See below). Thomas Hurl lived at 29 Regents Place, Llanhilleth.

Mr George Chivers, aged 31. Died – Monday 30th April 1917. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Chivers died in a fall that buried three men, killing two (See below). Mr Chivers lived at 4 Hillside Terrace, Llanhilleth.

The fall that occurred on Monday 30th April 1917 was a very large one with over 400 tons of debris coming down on three miners, Mr Thomas Thayer, Mr Thomas Hurl and Mr George Chivers. Thomas Thayer was found alive but badly injured and conveyed home to Brynheulog, Aberbeeg. The rescue team from Crumlin under Sergeant Wimborne the instructor in charge worked to recover the bodies of Mr George Chivers and Mr Thomas Hurl.

Mr John Powell, aged 53. Died – Monday 20th August 1917. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Powell lived at Gold Tops, Crumlin.

Mr Thomas Duffield, aged 74. Died – Wednesday 13th September 1922. Cause of death – Mr Duffield was severely injured in an accident below ground on Thursday 7th September 1922, he was crushed by drams and never recovered, he died a week later on Wednesday 13th September 1922. Mr Duffield lived at Meadow Street, Llanhilleth.

Mr William J. Pyer, aged 21. Died – Monday 18th December 1922. Cause of death – Mr Pyer fell from the cage to the bottom of the shaft.

Mr Harry Hunt, aged 47. Died – Friday 16th February 1923. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Hunt lived at and was the licensee of the Carpenters Arms, Brynithel.

Mr Joseph Davies, aged 51. Died – 28th May 1923. Cause of death – Mr Davies had strained his abdomen underground at the colliery and was taken to hospital for an emergency operation, he died a few hours after the operation. Mr Davies lived at Partridge Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr Albert Mayo, aged 51. Died – Friday 16th November. Cause of death – Mr Mayo suffered a severe injury to his leg in an accident with a haulage rope. He later died from his injuries at hospital. Mr Mayo lived at Hafodarthan Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr Reginald Padfield, aged 26. Died – Friday 6th March 1925. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Padfield lived at Blaencuffin Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr James Landers, aged 60. Died – Friday 1st May 1925. Cause of death – Crushed by a runaway journey of drams. Mr Landers lived at 4 Woodside Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Edgar Morgan, aged 18. Died – Friday 4th January 1929. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Morgan lived at 26 Hafodycoed, Llanhilleth.

Mr William Adams, aged 51. Died – April 1929. Cause of death – Mr Adams was crushed by two drams on Friday 22nd February 1929 and was taken to hospital, he later died from his injuries. Mr Adams lived at Mill Cottages, Crumlin.

Mr Thomas Henry Alfred Self, aged 44. Died – Sunday 30th March 1930. Cause of death – Mr Self was involved in an accident on the surface of the colliery on 12th March 1930 and later died from his injuries on Sunday 30th March 1930 while at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.

Mr Frank Rees, aged 65. Died – December 1930. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Rees lived at 65 Hafodarthen Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr Levi Harvey, aged 58. Died – Monday 31st August 1931. Cause of death – Crushed by coal trucks on the surface of the colliery. Mr Harvey lived at 18 Blaencuffin Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr Frederick Thomas Rogers, aged 39. Died – Friday 15th July 1932. Cause of death – Mr Rogers collapsed and died at the pithead. Mr Rogers lived at 28 Penygraig Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Charles Herbert Conner, aged 65. Died – Monday 9th April 1934. Cause of death – Mr Conner died below ground in his son’s arms after suffering a heart attack, the post-mortem showed heart disease. Mr Conner lived at Blaencuffin Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr Cyril James Duggan, aged 16. Died – Saturday 25th May 1935. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Duggan was working with his father when the fall occurred, he was pulled out of the fall and taken to hospital where he died within minutes of admittance. Mr Duggan lived at Commercial Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr Morgan Jones, aged 63. Died – Friday 28th February 1936. Cause of death – Mr Jones was crushed by a dram. Mr Jones lived at 17 Troy Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr William Beard, aged 30. Died – Saturday 27th March 1937. Cause of death – Fall. Reports says Mr William Beard was a haulier and he and his horse was buried by a fall, the horse escaped but Mr Beard was found dead. Mr Beard lived at High Street, Llanhilleth.

Mr Thomas Walker, aged 59. Died – Monday 18th October 1937. Cause of death – Mr Walker died below ground at the colliery. Mr Walker lived at Pleasant View, Llanhilleth.

Mr Thomas Davies, aged 45. Died – Saturday 16th April 1938. Cause of death – Suspected heart attack. Mr Davies lived at Railway Street, Llanhilleth.

Mr William John Hookings, aged 18. Died – Friday 8th July 1938. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Hookings lived at Brynhyfryd Terrace, Llanhilleth.

Mr Alfred Butwell Gale, aged 48. Died – Tuesday 7th February 1939. Cause of death – Accident in the sawmill. Mr Gale lived at 13 Woodside Terrace, Llanhilleth. On February 9th 1939 the official inquest into Mr Buttwell’s death at the colliery was heard, it was said to have been the first inquest to have taken place at the Llanhilleth Workmen’s Institute.

Mr Thomas Beeks, aged 58. Died – Wednesday 31st May 1939. Cause of death – Mr Beeks died at the colliery from a head injury after he stumbled below ground. Mr Beeks lived at Albany House, Crumlin.

Mr William Fry, aged 61. Died – Wednesday 18th June 1941. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Fry lived at Central Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr William Oliver Morgan, aged 48. Died – December 1950. Cause of death – Mr Morgan was run over by a journey of drams. Mr Morgan lived at Oxford Place, Llanhilleth.

Mr Gomer Evans, aged 57. Died – October 1951. Cause of death – Mr Evans suffered a heart attack and died below ground. Mr Evans was the under-manager at the colliery.

Mr Thomas John “Jack” Williams, aged 69. Died – 9th January 1958. Cause of death – Mr Williams was struck by a run-away horse and dram. Mr Williams had worked at Llanhilleth Colliery for 55 years and was due to retire on Sunday 9th February 1958, he lived at 12 Brynhyfryd Terrace, Brynithel.

Mr Frederick Charles Thomas, aged 39. Died – Thursday 30th January 1958. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Thomas lived at Keir Hardie Terrace, Crumlin.

Mr Trevor Jones, aged 25. Died – Tuesday 9th August 1960. Cause of death – Mr Jones was struck by a steel prop while working underground at the colliery. Mr Jones lived at Commercial Road, Llanhilleth.

Mr George Soden, aged 43. Died – Friday 25th January 1963. Cause of death – Mr Soden was hit by a dram. Mr Soden lived at 19 Coronation Crescent, Newbridge.

Mr George James Whittington, aged 41. Died – June 1963. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Whittington lived at 8 Graig View, Brynithel.

Mr James Huggins Bevan, aged 61. Died – May 1967. Cause of Death – Mr Bevan was hit by a dram, he suffered serious injuries and died three days later. Mr Bevan lived at Troy Road, Llanhilleth.


Other Deaths Recorded on the Grounds of the Colliery.
Master Elias Lewis, aged 3. Died – Saturday 27th April 1895. Cause of death – Master Elias Lewis was playing in the colliery grounds when he was caught by a haulage rope and got mangled against the framework of a pulley.

Many thanks to Mr Bryan Boots for his help in compiling this list.

(More to be added as new information is received).

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