Lower Deep Colliery – List of Fatalities

Lower Deep Colliery – List of Fatalities

Lower Deep Colliery – List of Fatalities.
This list of deaths at the Lower Deep Colliery, Blaina covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received.

Mr Alfred Hole, aged . Died – Tuesday 21st September 1875. Cause of death – Mr Alfred Hole was a sinker, he was reported to have fallen down the shaft 70-80 yards in depth.

Master William Williams, aged . Died – Wednesday 3rd October 1877. Cause of death – William Williams was described as a lad, he was killed by a fall.

Mr Evan Jenkins, aged 52. Died – Thursday 28th February 1878. Cause of death – Mr Evan Jenkins was working the level between the Upper and Lower Deep Collieries, Blaina when he was killed by a fall. Mr Jenkins lived at Orchard Street, Brynmawr.

Mr William Jelly, aged 21. Died – Friday 20th January 1882. Cause of death – Fall.

Mr Rees Probert, aged 23. Died – Thursday 7th September 1882. Cause of death – Fall.

Mr Thomas Jones, aged 61. Died – Sunday 3rd June 1883. Cause of death – Died from his injuries after being crushed by a dram below ground. Mr Jones lived at Cemetery Road, Brynmawr.

Master David Jones, aged 13. Died – Wednesday 2nd April 1884. Cause of death – Fall.

Mr James Fox, aged 55. Died – Thursday 10th December 1885. Cause of death – Mr Fox had just started back to work that day after having time off, he was working underground with his two sons Robert and William when a fall occurred, Mr James Fox was killed yet his both sons escaped although were seriously injured. Mr Fox lived at Parrot Row, Blaina.

Mr William Davies, aged 17. Died – Monday 10th January 1887. Cause of death – Fall. Mr William Davies’ father and a young lad was working close by and was lucky to escape the fall. Mr Davies lived at Cwmcelyn, Blaina.

Mr Henry Lewis, aged 70. Died – Saturday 12th January 1889. Cause of death – Mr Lewis was crushed by coal wagons at the surface of the colliery.

Mr Thomas Thomas, aged . Died – Wednesday 27th January 1889. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Thomas lived at the Coed Cae, near Blaina.

Mr William Rees, aged 47. Died – Saturday 14th October 1893. Cause of death – Mr William Rees was crushed by wagons on the surface of the colliery. Mr Rees lived at Office Row, Nantyglo.

Mr Anthony Powell, aged 47. Died – Monday 21st October 1895. Cause of death – Fall.

Mr James Dando, aged 54. Died – Friday 12th June 1896. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Dando lived at Clydach Street, Brynmawr.

Master Samuel Wilcox, aged 6. Died – Tuesday 4th June 1901 . Cause of death – Master Samuel Wilcox was playing on the sidings at the Lower Deep Colliery when he was run over and killed by coal trucks. He was the son of Mr Frank Wilcox of Cwmcelyn.

Mr Charles Evans, aged 21. Died – Wednesday 18th March 1903. Cause of death – Mr Charles Evans aged was killed by a fall. Mr Evans lived at Glamorgan Street, Brynmawr.

Mr William J. Vaughan, aged 40. Died – Tuesday 1st February 1910. Cause of death – Crushed by a dram. Mr Vaughan lived at Parsons Row.

Mr Joseph Morgan, aged 43. Died – Sunday 26th May 1912. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Morgan lived at 13 Queen Street, Nantyglo.

Mr John Parham, aged 45. Died – Thursday 9th July 1914. Cause of death – Mr John Parham was leaving the colliery at the end of the shift when he was hit by a dram and killed. Mr Parham lived at Club Row, Blaina.

Mr Daniel Colbourn, aged 53. Died – Saturday 18th September 1915. Cause of death – Fall.
Mr Colbourn lived at 3 Parsons Row, Blaina. Mr Henry Evans of Railway Terrace, Blaina was seriously injured in the same fall. 

Mr Charles Alfred Pincott.
On Wednesday 10th January 1917 Mr Charles Alfred Pincott aged 53 was killed by a fall. Lived at Ty-Shone Farm, Bournville, Blaina. Tragically, 31 years later Mr Pincott’s son Mr Alexander Pincott died below ground at Rose Heyworth Colliery in similar circumstances.

Mr William Henry Davies, aged . Died – Thursday 15th April 1920. Cause of death – Mr William Henry Davies passed away at the Nantyglo and Blaina Hospital following injuries received while at work at the Lower Deep Colliery. Mr Davies had cut his finger on Thursday 1st April, it turned septic and he visited his doctor on Monday 5th April who applied antiseptic. Swelling of his finger occurred and a swelling under his arm pit, the doctor sent Mr Davies to hospital where he later passed away from septic poisoning.

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