Madge Trevelyan

Madge Trevelyan.
Madge Trevelyan was an accomplished actress, she appeared at the Metropole Theatre, Abertillery on the 8th March 1914.  It seems Madge Trevelyan appeared in the same show as Bessie Osborn and Olive Melba who were all at the boarding house together on the same dates. 

Madge Trevelyan was a native of Kirkham, Lancashire the daughter of a farmer. In later life she married Mr Herbert Cremer. Her husband passed away in 1928. In 1953 the Stage Newspaper (as seen left) stated she had been performing on stage for 50 years, she had moved to Burnley and retired in 1953, although there were reports that she was still acting in November and December in 1958.  

(More information to come).

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